Psychedelic pagans in Lithuania

Author: Anthon Shoom with the help of DJ Shishya
Date: Nov 25, 2008
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The Baltic countries are newcomers in the global trance-scene but are in no way new to the culture which trance has its roots in. This being the fundamental culture of the worship of the earth, stars, sun and moon. Maybe it is the fact that the Baltic countries were a bit outside of the turmoil of the Christianization, later to be trade unions and military onslaught that followed.

Seeing the spirit and hanging out in these countries can give oneself a deeper understanding for his roots as a European. Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are still somehow not affected by the trends that sweep all over Central Europe and Scandinavia. The culture and the arts that flower here are vibrant, alive and true to the original roots of deep psychedelic shamanism. Check out the Yaga festival and Tundra in Lithuania or Klusa Daba in Latvia.

The scene in Lithuania is young and important to mention, very spiritual. It is about gathering and sharing experiences rather than just to party senselessly. Existent promoter crews collaborate each time when one of them is organizing an event – equipment, deco, DJs, VJs and ideas come together for no fee. It’s all being moved further by common enthusiasm, love for nature, music, dance and gatherings under the skies. Even foreign DJs and Live-acts come and play for free.

These factors make people work together in favor of the spirit to create a certain vibe that  makes psychedelic scene a tool of transformation. Moreover, most of the multi-day events have different aspects of alternative knowledge featured workshops, documentaries and spiritual practices that are quiet common that only help the spread of important knowledge and luckily this fact is understood among promoters.


The story started in 2001 when a German-based crew Crazy People E.V. organized a very rare of its kind, shamanistic event called Ragana festival. It happened at the autumnal equinox in a very beautiful yet powerful place around former pagan capital Kernave. A truly mystical space and time made Ragana an outstanding experience that has greatly inspired those who decided to continue.


The first locally organized full moon open-air – Tinai (2003) attracted not many but the very core of the Baltic psychedelic community. It inspired “sleepy” activists in the Baltic countries and united the families for future projects. In summer 2003 the first Shambala festival took place followed by many other parties. The scene in the first years was very isolated from the outside world.


Yaga (formerly Shambala) is undoubtedly the main purely psy-trance gathering which  in 2007 attracted around 1000 participants including a number of international guests. Usually outdoor gatherings and indoors reach 150–200 people with a few exception but the scene though very slowly, is growing. In the last couple of years the number of people involved with party organizing and music production in Lithunia has increased noticeably.  







Anthon Shoom with the help of DJ Shishya



Author: sergiaddharma / Date: 07.11.2009 21:30:19

Great Article! thank you very much for the good vibes and great spirit :) Boom

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