A wilderness paradise in Canada

Author: DJ Nokturnal
Date: Nov 12, 2008
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Canada is a country where you can dance under the stars and the glow of the Northern Lights on a warm summer’s night or take part in a snowbound weekend retreat tucked away in a warm winter lodge. Blessed with one of the largest territories in the world to explore, the Canadian trance scene is as diverse and beautiful thing to experience.

The land and the elements have by necessity fostered and friendly and co-operative community of trancers. The history of psy-trance in Canada is spread across a few main cities and regions in which this style of music first began to emerge. The first event was the legendary Emergence held in Montreal in the spring of 1995 produced by Mobius.


After this, a number of production groups came into being: Team Psyence in Alberta (1996), Deleria in British Columbia (1998) and the Black Light Activists in Toronto (1999). Other noteworthy production groups from the past are The TeknoCollective (Alberta), the Goa Chill Nights (Quebec) and Deep Sea Fish (Toronto).


During the summer months the most well know psy-trance festival in the country is Montreal’s Eclipse festival which summer 2007 featured artists such as Koxbox and Protoculture. Motion Notion in Alberta is Canada's other top psy-trance festival which also features other genres as well as live bands during the day. Entheos Gathering, Diversity, and Shambhala are all events held in British Columbia and each feature their own styles and energies. Along with the Harvest Festival on the full moon of September in Ontario they all make for a great season of outdoor events.

In the winter months the main promoters hosting indoor gatherings are Area709, Phonolite, Ganesha, Black Light Activists, Techno Hippy Crew, 7th Harmonic, Shakti, Metamystix, Seed of Life, Organix, Deliria and Beats without Borders. We also have visionary artists creating psy-inducive environments such as Neil Gibson, SPAK, DeJahVu, Deliria, Myth Makers, Ekstasis Dance, Luke Brown and Crystal and Spore.


Canadian producers have enjoyed another successful year of releases and include such artists as Nuclear Ramjet, Ben Rama, Zen, Axiomata, Metalogic, Azriel, Akhentek, Adham Shaikh, Biobazar, Anahata, Freeworm, and LOGM. Canadian Labels have also been very active and with the addition of Area709 Records are strong sources of local soundscapes. They include interchill.com, nativestaterecords.com, spaceportrecords.ca, coldgroove.com and enthogenetic.com.


There are a number of places to connect with fellow trancers when visiting Canada.
Weeds Café in Calgary, Shanti Baba in Toronto, Psychonaut in Montréal and Highlife Records in Vancouver are also great shops to get info from. As well long standing club nights such as Amazone at SPAG in Montréal and Organix at Club 23 in Vancouver are also natural meeting points.


There is much more to the Canadian underground trance scene that simply can not be included. With a smile and a sense of adventure the search for a welcoming community and world-class music will be an easy and enjoyable one.








DJ Nokturnal
darvin@area709.com, www.area709.com/darvin/
Founder/Manager Area709.com, Label DJ Zenon Records, one half of Sons of Aurora, Monthly Beatport Psygressive Feature Chart, TTG
”When you are lost in the act of creating, your passion becomes your pathway to finding the divine within.”


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