Winds of change in Brazil

Author: Ricardo Janczur
Date: Oct 25, 2008
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Brazil in nowadays one of the countries where trance music is most listened. Mixing different races and all kinds of crowd, Brazil is the biggest epicenter of trance earthquake which shakes the planet. Its worth to visit it!

Since the very first crazy parties at Trancoso beach back in the middle of the 90’s a lot has changed in Brazilian psychedelic trance. Years have gone by and the music has left the shores of Bahia conquering the whole country and psy-trance pumps in every single state of this continent called Brazil.

Hundreds of trance parties happen all over every weekend and you can enjoy them as you like. From thousands of people and superstar line up like XXXperience and Tribe, to small underground parties in all the country you can help yourself: dark-psy, full-on, progressive and even minimal techno and electro, which have somehow invaded trance parties here taking a bit of trance spirit out of mainstream parties.

São Paulo owns still the biggest concentration of parties a weekend and the smaller ones have started re-opening people’s minds, willing to show the real essence of psy-trance in parties like Respect, Etnica, and the ones produced by 4iDeas such as Earthdance SP and Goa Gil. Not only in Sao Paulo promoters can count on full support of professional management agencies being able to bring trance from all over the world and providing a great interchange for crowd and artists.

The spirit still lives in festivals, at gorgeous landscapes, from rocky mountains to warm windy beaches. Coming to Brazil not knowing any of these is like not coming to Brazil. Universo Paralello is the first one that comes to the mind, but also Tranceformation Festival and Trancendence (July), back after 3 years, join Cachoeira Alta (June), Festival Fora do Tempo (July) and others as important as these to celebrate in paradise.

Besides the well known artists such as Rica Amaral, Du Serena, MACK and Swarup, the  development of the scene has brought up many DJs and producers presenting a great talent, releasing albums internationally and touring the five continents taking Brazilian powerful music to aliens and freaks from all over the world. The First Stone, Burn in Noise, Life Style, Audio-X, Wrecked Machines performing in the biggest festivals in the globe, not to mention Magma Ohm, Becoming Intense, Neo Vox , Baphomet Engine, whose tracks are on the B side of psychedelic releases.

In southeast the main parties besides the ones already mentioned are Kaballah (SP), Euphoria (RJ), both touring Brazil with their parties, Soulvibes (ES). In Belo Horizonte Trance movement Crew puts up big parties for over six years joining Calangute, Flowers, and E-nigma, younger parties full of power.

Moving south we have strong movement in Curitiba with Cosmoon and DJ Rodrigo CPU´s actions including two podcasts for psy lovers. And taking the teletransport up to the northeast you reach wonderful beaches and pure feeling parties by Soononmoon crew at Salvador and great audio and visual artists. Every place is special: Recife, Natal, Fortaleza has their own beauty and you can always find some trance options on the websites. Heading north, the middle of the jungle shelters Amazon Tribe Festival in September. When you come, you have to spend more than one month to get to know the wonderful places and parties in here.

Police strictness against parties, make some think only the big promoters will survive, but some think is the only way to bring truly psychedelic essence back, since parties could be forbidden here. However it’s certainly the best place in the world to spend great vacation. So get packed and come down for a killer freak season.

The best time to come is summer, from December to February. Brazil is not as dangerous as people paint over. Just stay as aware as in any other tourist place in the world. Not everybody speaks English, but people are so friendly you're going be understood. Make sure you visit Alto Paraíso and its wonderful landscapes.


Ricardo Janczur

DJ, pychedelic freak and responsible for the TTG Brazil

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