Love, light and loads of fun in Mexico

Author: Victor Ezcurdia (DJ Vazik)
Date: Oct 9, 2008
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After the storm calms it comes again, and seems like now more than ever Mexico is ready to show its best to the rest of the world. Mexico is more than tequila, mariachi, and sombreros: it’s about love, light and loads of fun.

Trance clearly started to break in Mexico more than a decade now. From small Goa parties the scene started to quickly build up a nice, groovy, trippy, mystical and unique atmosphere. In the lands where very strong pre-hispanic cultures once lived, the drum beats came back to seduce the Mexican ears and those beats came to stay forever.

Nowadays we have two sides of the coin: parties with more than 5000 people, where the energy is quite strange and in most of the cases the production is quiet cheap, and then we have parties with 200–3000 beautiful dancing people. Crowds can be very different from one to another, where in the very big parties there is a younger generation around and then in the smaller and medium ones the crowd is not full of kids which we much more prefer.

There is also a big difference into the styles and sounds at parties around the country, seems like the northern states are more into dark and fast psychedelic trance, when in big cities like Mexico, Monterrey, Cancun or Guadalajara some people are more open for progressive. Nowadays Mexico City is the capital for progressive and groovier music in the whole country.

It isn’t easy to organize an open air party in Mexico, unfortunately there are still some people that try to get in for free to the events or won’t pay the whole price of the entrance ticket. This small group of people that go to parties with a wrong behavior stays an important fact that does complicate the making of a beautiful festival that lasts more than two days. Most of the big events don’t go longer than 24 hours. Marakame (2000) was the best three day festival in Mexican trance history.

I the year 2007 we had amazing open air parties that really uplifted our spirit: Radiance Festival (Sounds of Earth) and Tribal Vision’s Label Party (Delria) were more than amazing. Watch out for 2008’s editions, they will rock.

The scene has been opening to new places and cities; spots on the trance map are multiplying and there are good parties (even with international artists) being held in ”new” places and spots. Unfortunately there aren’t enough beach parties as we should have, but you can still find some around the Caribbean, Veracruz and Jalisco.

There are many artists and DJs doing a great job, who aren’t only recognized in our country, but worldwide. The list (for trance & progressive) is big but we must talk about Ecliptic, Tron, Odiseo, Hamelin, Shove, Forza, D-Tek, Trancemission, Barak, Jey & Ex, Jerga, Valeria, Visua, Sankha, Tini Tun, Karlos Elizondo and many more.

There is still a lack of specialized music stores in the whole country, in Mexico City we have ”Discoteca” (located at Condesa) that do a good job trying to spread and sell a wide range of electronic and alternative music, but sometimes it isn’t enough. On the other hand, people are starting to support and buy more tracks trough the internet in digital shops like Beatport and Dj Downloads.




Victor Ezcurdia (DJ Vazik)
International DJ, Sounds of Earth Label Manager
”Life is short… let’s rock!”



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