Massive festivals in Australia

Author: Jesse Kuch
Date: Sep 21, 2008
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For many people, Australia is a distant land on the other side of the world, known mainly for its weird wildlife, amazing natural scenery, sporting teams and not much else. For the trance traveler however, there is a lot more than meets the eye.

The past decade has seen Australia firmly establish its place in the global scene – it’s vibrant and culturally diverse people, high caliber artists, stunning outdoor locations, and a busy party culture that extends to all reaches of the continent, make the land down-under one of the best places to experience pure psychedelic culture in the world.

Festivals, bush doofs and indoor nights are held all over the country throughout the year, from the more well known centers like Melbourne, Sydney and  Byron Bay / Northern New South Wales to emerging scenes such as Cairns, Brisbane, Newcastle, Perth, Adelaide, Tasmania and Darwin.

While it’s quite busy over the cooler months, Australia’s busiest season is the summer, around the time the northern hemisphere tucks in for the cold of winter. The months from November to March bring massive festivals to the southern and central parts of the country, and it’s when the Australian party scene comes out to play.


Festivals such as Rainbow Serpent, Earthcore Global Carnival, Exodus and Tribeadelic have all had long histories and are the best known of the summer parties; while new festivals such as Freakreation, Matreiya Festival, Akasha Project, Summer Solstice celebrations and Earth Freq have all become strong parts of the festival circuit in recent years.
The cooler months shouldn’t be discounted either, as many of the northern parts of the country experience near-perfect weather and are busier in this period. The Winter Solstice Festivals in Cairns and Melbourne are particular highlights of the winter months.
In September, the Earthdance events are some of the best attended parties of the year, with numbers in the thousands attending parties in all major centers. The Sydney event has grown to massive proportions with over 40 000 punters, making it the global base for the Earthdance phenomenon and one of Australia’s largest festivals.


Aside from the larger scale events, many smaller parties and club nights support the scene throughout the year, guaranteeing that if you really want to find somewhere to go while you’re in Australia, you won’t have to look too hard. Websites such as, and are good places to start, as most events are listed on there and are a good way to network with the local party-goers and find out where to go and who to see.


Musically, Australians enjoy a broad range of electronic music styles, and the parties tend to feature a little bit of everything to ensure everyone is happy. There are a number of Australian producers that are quite well known throughout the world, but the past few years have seen a number of new artists, labels and production crews emerge, guaranteeing the scene will continue to grow into the future.





Jesse Kuch aka Suspekt (Open Records Australia)


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