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interview with Croatian artist

Author: Pitchadjust / Slater
Date: Nov 23, 2004
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10 questions answered by Parrket from Tribal Vision records, Croatia

Mladen Glavinic from Zagreb/Croatia formed project called \"Parrket\" in 2001. Since that, he has played his live acts at many underground parties on Balkan. The style is mostly dark/brutal proggy psy trance, but also deep progressive & full-on stuff. With his first successful releases on Tribal Vision records and Pukka music, he is considered to be one of the most innovative psytrance newcomers of the year...

What was your biggest influence musically when growing up? Was there an event or particular moment in your life when you can remember first deciding to make DJ-ing or producing/composing your career?

Probably the biggest musical influence on me so far was the music of 80\' and early 90\', especialy commercial and movie/TV soundtracks. I listened to it subconciously as a kid so it left big marks in my music perception. Yes there\'s one moment I remember as my starting point in music creation. It happened when I was 13 and listened some comercial trance on walkman that was playin\' on radio and idea just crossed my mind - I\'ll make music in my life!

With so much negativity and criticism in the dance community with regards to drug use, money-hungry promoters, and the advent of superstar, jet-setting DJ culture, how do you remain positive and focused? What\'s the secret to longevity in this guess-who\'s-hot-today society?

Hey, drugs help you stay positive :) *ha ha* OK, for real, I stay focused cause music gives me the energy I need. All negative things you have mentioned are correct but that\'s a life of a musician so I must face it the best way and try to enjoy! There\'s no secret to longevity :) It\'s a matter of situation and theory of chaos but beside that there are some parametars that should lead one to eternal fame. I would say that the most important would be honesty in music creation , a hard work as well as talent!

Do you consider yourself a musician as well as a DJ and producer? Do you play any instruments? Have you received any formal instruction (musically or in the studio)??

Yes, I consider myself as a musician. I play electric/acustic/bass guitar, keyboards, a bit of drums and also I\'m singer and guitarist/composer in my black metal band. I have never had any instructions music or audio engineering vise. All I know I have learned, well better to say discovered by myself. I had a long learning proces which will I hope continue till the end of my life.

If you could give an aspiring Artist your best advice, what would it be ?? What advice could you give to bedroom-studio \"whiz\" that can\'t find the BIG break yet??

As I said, theory of chaos has a big influence on success in music carier, so again I think there\'s no general formula or advise, but for sure there are some things that can help you in the \"big break\". Well…, empiricly I have found out that single best advise would be: get your music out there, in the ears of consumers, promoters,labels!
For the bedroom studio wizards I have a special thought: best music in the world is never or rarely being released ;)

Please explain your stance on the issue of internet downloading.

Free internet downloading is a pain in the ass of any musician/label menager so you guess what my oppinion is ;). Also there are positive sides as free promotion but still there\'s more lost than profit here I think. Some investigations showed that only a few percent of people would buy CD if they couldn\'t download it for free but I don\'t believe in those.

The future of electronic music, where do you see it going?

Development of electronic music has tendency to go in circles with each new cycle further improving existing concept. That\'s happening with all music styles. But good thing is that circles can differ more or less… I\'m hoping that they\'ll differ more of course.

What do you make of MP3 DJ\'s and the other alternatives to vinyl?

If you earn money as a mp3 DJ than I don\'t have any positive words to you, if you buy CDs or DATs then you buy your tools for making money what I respect. Dj-ing from vinyl is the most respected but these days (esp. in trance) you can\'t buy them as for a few years ago so for me it has the same value as CD DJ-ing.

What is the single most important piece of equipment that you use?

Yamaha AN 1X virtual analog synth.

Interests outside of music?

I\'m interested in more technical side of music with issues like postproduction and mastering, acoustic design of space, global audio engeneering. Completly besides music I\'m into technic & technology, mathematics & physics…and smokin\' of course :)

What\'s in the future? how can we keep up with what\'s happening with artist?

In the future I hope that you can expect many good releases and killer live acts by Parrket, and you can keep it up just by opening your heart to my music :) !


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