POTS - Creating Social Success

Tribal Vision, November 2005

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Date: Dec 1, 2005
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Review by: Jannick Andersen // pr0fane
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Artist: POTS (Prisoners Of The Sun)
Title: Creating Social Success
Label: Tribal Vision
Format: CD (Jewelcase with 8 page inlay and DJ-insert)
Released: November, 2005
Cover: http://tribalvision.cz/pots_booklet/front_finalized.jpg


After 3 progressive compilations and 1 part-album/part-remixes (Mellers \"Rockable\"), the hottest new label on the progressive scene, Czech Tribal Vision is ready with their 1st full length album (and their 5th release in just 1 year) - the 2nd album from POTS, perhaps better known to some as Prisoners Of The Sun.

POTS is a german duo which consists of Archim Lüthje (also a part of the duo Expect) and Thomas Wilhelmy - they have been releasing music for over half a decade, and was one of the major players in the minimal/progressive wave around the millennium, resulting in releases on almost all the key players on the progressive scene, labels like Iboga, Spiral Trax, ZMA, Plastik Park, Flow, Tatsu, Medium and the late Sunset Records, where they also released their debut album \"Are You Scientific Enough?\" back in 2001.

Apart from a few tracks on compilations here and there, not much has been heard from POTS in later years though - until now, where their new album \"Creating Social Success\" in on the street:

01. Crystal Cream [130 BPM]
\"Crystal Cream\" gets straight to the point, with a very simple, yet quite positive melody, at first reminding me of some early german progressive, but slowly evolving, getting deeper and warmer, and at the end it feels like getting embraced by a nice, warm blanket. Super sweet opener.

02. Hello Kitty [132 BPM]
The laidback \"Hello Kitty\" take the album in a groovier direction, and it\'s a wonderful progressive psytrance/progressive house crossover tune. Seriously funky but in a mellow, lazy way and constantly developing with lots of fine little twists and turns along the way. I\'m not really into guitars in trance, but the guitars at the end here, are quite delicious, and are a nice touch to a very good tune.

03. Trance Popper [128 BPM]
\"Trance Popper\" is one of the more distinct tunes on the album: it has a very heavy tribal house-oriented groove, lazy but still phat as hell. A gloomy and somewhat strange humming melody enters in the break after 3? minutes - it feels a bit awkward at first, but as soon as those delicious retro-house and trance pads enter, it\'s all good. Really great track.

04. Bravo [132 BPM]
Next up is the aptly named \"Bravo\", definitely the most melodic tune on the album, and by far one of my favourites. It has a very distinct wobbly groove with some energetic tribal percussion, and the melodies are simply beautiful on the verge on being epic - not in the increasingly popular cheesy \"in-your-face\" way, but more thoughtful and on the deep and subtle side. My favourite tune on the album, and the kind of tune that would fit perfectly into an early morning set at a small, intimate party. Bravo!

05. Botox Party [128 BPM]
\"Botox Party\" feels like the logical followup to \"Trance Popper\", so the morning hymn \"Bravo\" breaks the flow a little in my opinion. \"Botox Party\" isn\'t a bad tune though, groovy progressive psytrance/tribal house crossover with a slightly darkish atmosphere - fine night-tune for the clubs, but not among my favourites.

06. Groove Garden [134 BPM]
Tempo is raised with \"Groove Garden\", which despite the title, puts the house-influences in the background, and takes the album deeper into the progressive psytrance territory. A simple, naïve arpeggiator-melody grooves along totally unaffected while sweet, floating pads are in the background, with some marvellous reverbed tech\'ish stabs flying back and forth. Marvelous tune.

07. Eifelgold [140 BPM]
Things get a lot faster with \"Eifelgold\", a tune with a very pre-2002 progressive sound, putting the groove aside and focusing more on a quite static, pumping minimal bassline. Some electric guitar samples seem to be the highlighted theme of the track, with some shallow pads in the background, providing a hint of light. Good, but never really shines as one of the better tunes here.

08. Dandy Division [138 BPM]
Although not as pumping and energetic as the previous track, \"Dandy Division\" almost maintain the relatively high tempo and somewhat oldschool-progressive sound. It\'s pleasant and dance-friendly morning progressive psytrance, but like the previous track I found it among the weaker tunes on the album - it simply doesn\'t impress as much as some of the slower tracks.

09. Tussy De Luxe [134 BPM]
Last but not least \"Tussy De Luxe\" ends the compilation in style. Definitely a wonderful, laidback morning tune with nice, soothing pads and sweet guitar-samples, resulting in a very appealing, mellow vibe. After the last two, somewhat disappointing tracks, this is the perfect come-down from a truly great album.

Bottom line:

A few months ago POTS where featured on Tribal Visions \"Inner Circle\" compilation with the track \"Pole Position Club\", and to be honest I found that track very disappointing. Based on that my expectations for \"Creating Social Success\" where pretty low, but luckily I must say that the album came through as a very positive surprise, with a very sophisticated mixture of morning and night-time progressive psytrance of both the past and present, progressive- and tech-house and slight elements of tribal as well.

I doubt it\'s capable of competing with some of the biggest progressive highlights of the year (Ticon, Antix and Jaïa) in dance floor \"hit\" potential though. Sure there are some fine dance floor tracks, and most progressive DJ\'s will probably buy this for their case, but generally I find it too laidback and doubt it\'s as easy-digestible as the average dancer is requesting. Don\'t let that fool you though: I love \"Creating Social Success\", and find the depth, subtleness and attention to detail a huge quality.

For home-listening, I find this is one of the best progressive albums in 2005, and I can only recommend it.


1, 2, 3, 4 (!!), 6 (!!), 9 (!!)




Tribal Vision Records: www.tribalvision.cz

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