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Date: Jun 24, 2008
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Our beloved psy-trance scene just keeps growing and its popularity is on the increase. Weekly offerings of clubs, outdoor parties, forest gatherings and squat parties tend to keep the UK psy-trance calendar full. In all the shires throughout the land, you will find a community of psy-freaks networking and partying together as one.

The UK psy-trance scene evolved during the early 90’s and has grown into a beautiful, vibrant and flourishing underground community. Spawned out of London, the scene has managed to thrive and spread throughout our ancient magic kingdom. Nightclubs large and small, sound systems, artists, VJs, DJ's and collectives all endeavor to unite to build and create what has become, a Utopia for psychedelic trance in Western Europe.

Party organiser numbers are on the increase and new events on offer – whatever part of the kingdom you find yourself in, you will uncover a psy-tribe that holds regular events and delivers the essence of what we love. Antiworld and the Synergy Project offer us some of the biggest events in the capital. The mighty Tribe of Frog will be found pushing the boundaries in Bristol, along with Freefall Monkey and Planet Shroom. Toadstool in Gloucester keep supplying warm vibes with festivals such as Glade, Waveform Project, Life Festival and Shamania taking us back to the garden. With a multitude of smaller rigs and forest parties making the rest of the summer busy for all who attend.

The Alphawave Project can be found in Plymouth and in the Midlands we have MessMedia keeping the Spacehopper vibe alive. The Psycle crew can be found in Nottingham, Trancemission in Leicester and Baraka in Oxford. In Liverpool we have the legendary Alien Resonance with a true family community that keeps flourishing. Soma Sonic is a new tribe which have had some fantastic nights with more to offer and Ultra Violet pouring their cosmic brew from the Fort on the Wirral.

If you fancy a night out in Manchester you will be drawn to the delights of Sunrise, the hokus pokus of  Illuminaughty  and weird sensations at Strange Daze, where you will be guaranteed a night out you won't forget. Fatmoon offer thought provoking wonderment in Sheffield, while further up in Yorkshire you will be treated to Kulu in Bradford and Cabbage at Leeds, both well respected and long established trance nights. Then onto Psybase  at Hebdon Bridge, where friendly faces and happy vibes rain down on all.

Nearer the Scottish border the likes of Trauma Trance in Tyneside and the Dreaded Fairies over in Carlisle, who will cater for all your psy  requirements. The Scottish Highlands provide Planet Monkey from Edinburgh, who run  regular nights and hold an annual festival worth checking out. 

Wales seems to be quite active considering its small population, with Chaos Theory flying the flag in Cardiff, Psy Fly and Magic Psycle from Swansea. Along with Symbiosis in Aberystwyth, all infecting the South and West of Wales quite nicely. The Cidfloss Corporation serve up lovely chilled nights in Bangor, with close neighbours the Psilocybe Tribe conjuring their Celtic magic, within the beautiful mountainous surroundings of North Wales.

An increase in virtual networking leans towards more organised and well laid out parties, with collectives and merriment makers on the increase. A community united. Progressive, full-on, dark, nightime and chillout, whatever genre you are into, the Kingdom of Tribes will provide, deliver and unite your true love for psy-trance.

London is one of the hotspots in the world of music. It saw the rise of movements like punk and new romantic amongst many others and has always been the breeding ground for up and coming talent. The psy-trance scene has always been strong in London thanks to the great amount of people from all over the world who live in the city, the last few years has seen a massive number of Brazilians flooding the capital with their party vibes adding great strength to the numbers at parties as well as a great dance floor vibe.

Nights like Antiworld, Acid Monkey, Mindscapes and the Brazilian crews Venom and Psy Invasion are leading the London scene with regular parties and top line ups. Other nights worth mentioning are Roots, Chichime, Implosion, Outerlimits, and new up and coming nights like Atom and The Bubble Jam Parties.

If you are out looking for some Music or alternative clothing Camden is the place to go, although now slowly being taken over by larger shops like Virgin. You can still find places like the stables market with some interesting shops Like Cyber dog and The Dream Temple plus Access All Areas always providing the latest  party info.

London is also the place where most of the scenes ledgendary labels where born Like Tip, Phantasm, Transient, Twisted, the now defunct but never forgotten Flying Rhino and New labels like Pukka, Free Spirit, Alchemy and Point Zero.  




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