Revival of psychedelic open-mindness in Switzerland

Author: Nygma
Date: Jun 4, 2008
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The new trance generation in Switzerland knows no musical frontiers and is experiencing a revival of psychedelic open-mindedness felt in all parts of the country. The country renowned for its warm hospitality, characteristic events, spectacular natural scenery, and for the most fun loving dance crowd on this planet.

This unique melting pot of languages, styles and tastes has developed throughout the years into one single magnitude and constitutes to a modern way of thinking, sharing and breathing the same fundamental values as our global tribal scene.

Although laws are supposed to apply nationwide, there are strong differences concerning the handling of party allowances which results in variably strong party activity patterns, of which the German part has the strongest (about 20 parties a month) followed by the French part (about 2 parties a month) and Italian part (about 1 party a month). Furthermore, parties in these areas never last longer than 5–6 hours.

Effectively it is easier to organize a full-scale legal party in the German part without greater complications, whereas for the scene activists in the other parts of the country there’s no other possibility than to throw an illegal free-spirit event out doors. In most cases, for example Mental Soup, this might end in disaster cause of missing permits and neglecting communication between the organizers and the authorities.

Small in size, but vast in choices, the Swiss party calendar is filled with lots of nice little treats. One of highlights, which took place in the beautiful surroundings of the pre-alps region in Grison, is Summer’s End Festival 2 symbolizing love, tolerance, and peace. It turned out to be one of the big surprises of the year and the sequel for next year is already in the realization process. More of the psychedelic approach is Forgotten Ritual Festival, a dark-psy gathering which goes back to the psychedelic roots; raw music with a message and purpose for mind, body and soul.

Some of the more important organizations, the pillars in our colorful Swiss scene, include names like Nandan, USP, Biolive, Vibrative Sounds, Klangwerk, DMT, Hertz, Kinky Beats, and many more.

Swiss Music, created by constructive minds and generally on a high production level, expresses itself through many genres of trance. Top producers like Electrypnose, Midimal, Freakulizer/Khainz, Dancing Devil, Yab Yum, Vibracoustic, Subconciousmind The Peaking Goddess Collective, Spectral Paradisis, and so on, stand for the acoustic muse harmonizing in quality.

A handful of Swiss record labels are gaining world wide recognitions with their artists and releases. There is a wide spectrum of sound and covers for all the psychedelic tastes. The Key players are Peak, FrakaSound, Woodroom, Kumquat Tunes, Fractal.

Outstanding DJs, technically all very skillful and with the instinct to rumble any dance floor include names like: Müstik, Jackomo, Nygma, Ondrej, Milosz, Pinky & Brain, Pinch & Sam Smiler.Be sure not to miss their sets if you see their names on lineups.


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