Take off with fairies in Ireland

Author: Shore Bar Axel
Date: May 30, 2008
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The Irish musical giant is slowly waking up! A young, vibrant and friendly scene is getting ready to inject psychedelic trance with an influx of new musical talent and energy.

Two young and fresh labels were created in Ireland in June 2007. For now, both features mainly international acts, but are trying hard to tap the well of Irish creativity and create a platform for local trance producers to release their tunes worldwide. For, even though there are parties in most major cities of the island, very few people actually produce psy-trance, as most Irish musicians still prefer the traditional way of making music.

Triplag Music, a natural development of the successful Triplag web radio that has been running for two and a half years, has already released two compilations Dark Love and Keep The Faith, featuring a host of internationally acclaimed psychedelic acts, one artist album from Russian psy-trance pioneer CPC in collaboration with his friends, and three digital EPs.
Syncronize Records is also in full swing with two artist albums to date and a compilation in the making. The first release, Psychogenica is the debut album from Ajja, a globe-trotter who lived in Ireland and gigged in the music scene for many years and who is an inspiration to many local producers. The second release is Phantasmatika from legendary French psy-trance wizard, Hyper Frequencies.

New label projects have been announced, and in a country that has raised marvellous musicians such as Ian Dury, Van Morrison, Thin Lizzy and the Pogues, to name just a few, it is only a question of time before Ireland has its own major psy-trance acts.

The party scene in Ireland started in the early 1990s, with a rush of new-age travellers and Goa old-timers. Small communities of freaks settled across the country, mainly in the South and on the West Coast. Due to strict licensing laws and a closing time of three a.m. for clubs, the scene remained underground, keeping the Goa spirit alive in free parties for up to 200 people in private houses, the woods or on Ireland’s beautiful beaches.

A major Irish psy-trance promoter is the Dublin-based Neutronyx crew. Their name first appeared on the Global Festival calendar in 2006 with the Life Festival. By the second edition they had become a well-established trance festival aiming to encourage and stimulate youth culture, by means of juggling, poetry, drama and music in all its different aspects and styles. What’s more, they keep the psychedelic vibe alive with their Neutronyx parties in the capital.

In the last few years, party organisations like Cosmic Fusion and Equinox have developed in the bigger cities like Galway and Cork, as well as in more rural areas. Also, bridging the old divide between the Republic and Northern Ireland is Dream Tunnel. This psy-community, led by Dj Druid, is involved in psy-trance promotion and party organisation on both sides of the border since 2002.

Come and experience the magic and mystical beauty of the Irish countryside and enjoy its psychedelic party scene!






DJ Shore Bar Axel
Syncronize RecordslLabel manager.
Thanks to Vic (Triplag Music) and Tanina Munchkina (Peak Records).

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