Psychedelic utopia in Ukraine

Author: Stotyka
Date: May 15, 2008
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Psychedelic music showed up in Ukraine in the mid-1990s. In 1996 Sergey Tovstoluzhsky (RIP), also known as DJ Yehuanah, was the first DJ who started to play psychedelic trance in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. He introduced this music to DJ Pubert who became the first successful Ukrainian psy-party organizer.

In co-operation with DJ Tolya, Pubert promoted psy-trance in the radio project Misyachni Trombony (Lunar Trombones) on a Kiev’s local radio station. In the same time the first psy-events began to pop up in Kiev and with time psychedelic rhythms rushed to the South – via Odesa to the magical Crimea peninsula. Besides, in 2000 the second fully psy-trance oriented FM radio project Ohm was founded in Odesa by SOAP SS.

Nowadays the main trance events still lay on the same axis: Kiev – Odesa – Crimea. Of course, psychedelic parties are constantly being organized in other places all over the country and even average cities have their promo groups. All of them do their best to bring magical, unique atmosphere to each event, and that’s what Ukrainian parties are known for. Friendly relations between promoters help them to unite and make bigger gigs together.

During the last decade Ukraine saw such artists as Atriohm, Blisargon Demogorgon, Digital Talk, Encephalopaticys, Haltya, Hyper Frequencies, Infected Mushroom, Jelly Heads, Ocelot, Para Halu, Skazi, Space Buddha, Spindrift, Troll Scientists, X-Dream and many others. The leading promoters are Semi-Conductors, Psyshine, Moon Koradji, Cube Group, Clocktail Monks, Japanamatic Pro, Kinetic Society, Psy Quest and Euphoria.

There are several festivals that are held by Ukrainian promoters. The biggest one is Sky Gravity, a massive event on the Black Sea cost in Crimea, which gathered artists from all over the globe and up to 1000 people every year. The festival has its own label and annual compilation, which’s second volume, is distributed world-wide by Wirikuta.

Crimean territory is the real heaven for party promoters. Owing to its landscapes varying from beautiful mountains through magic forests to large beaches and wild nature, Russian promoters also throw parties and festivals there: e.g. Space of Joy, Liquid Beach and Udiva. All of these events are held in cooperation with Ukrainian promoters.

There are two active labels that are working in psychedelic directions nowadays: Skygravity and Sentimony Records, which are both quite young and ambitious. The cluster that forms Ukrainian psychedelic scene is growing fast in chorus with the quality of its production. The artist’s work results in releases on a variety of labels abroad. And surely each band feels proud to have its track released by Ukrainian labels.

To date, the most successful projects are SynSun (Phonokol), Overdream (Avatar), Already Maged (Tantrumm), Saikozaurus (Zaikadelic), and Shivaz, Zymozis, Kadasarva, Sphingida, Harax and lots of others.

Ukrainian scene got huge luck with info and web support from Alienatix, a man who founded a web portal and gathered trancers there. Its forum became the Ukrainian analog of



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