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Author: Florence aka Limpts
Date: May 6, 2008
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France is a country where you will see some of the most beautiful smiles, stay for days at parties, see landscapes that you will remember for years and hear some of the best DJs in the world. The French trance scene saw its birth in the year of 1990. The first parties were held in mushroom fields and mass graves like Gaia concept parties held by Rakam. Since these pioneer years, there has been changes but the French scene is still vibrant and enthusiastic.

In 2007 the trancers could go to a party every weekend if they heart desired. Most parties took place around Paris or in the South-East, and a couple of them in the West part of France. One of the nicest parties held last winter was Mahotsukai by Hadra, which took place in March in a gigantic gymnasium. 

But unfortenately, the sad news came a few weeks later. Without a proper location the Hadra group were not able to organise the Hadra Festival. But good humor and a positive attitude prevailing, the agenda was filled up with summer parties and festivals. In the South, Any Gmatick throw a large outdoor party in July near Nice. Then World People offered us a very nice and friendly festival  in southern mountains near Perpignan. One of the highlights of summer 2007 was the Arcadia Festival thrown by Aqua Veda 200 kilometers from Paris.

Another of the highlight of the year 2007, was the tree days party launched by Electrohm at le Mans, a region near Brittany. This party was extremely well organized and saw such names  as Electric Universe and Shagma. These happenings really showed the capacity of the French psy-trance organisation with 1200 people partying to their heart content.

During the fall, OOBE suprised many of the trancers by throwing a large party in a castle near Lyon. More than 2000 people came to support this association showing that the trancers are not just there to party but also to help each other.

Finally, an other association to watch out for is Mystic Chrysalide, an association from the south west region of France throwing parties on a regular basis. So if you are going to that region of France make sure to check their website to see for the upcoming parties.

In 2008 everyone can find something they like from small parties with a family flavor to larger ones where one can loose yourself among 2000 or more party goers. There are many organisations and passionate groups of people throwing parties all year long, mainly in Paris area or in the south-east. One of the biggest difficulties for them is to find a place, indoor or outdoor and get the authorization.

Hadra is planning the third edition of its festival but is still looking for a place or waiting for an answer from local authorities. And after three years at the same nice forest place, AquaVeda is also looking for a new location.

Muzic2mars is also announcing a party that will be held every two month called Psychedelik Connexion and is planning a bigger party in Paris after summer. Transplosion is planning a large festival with an other association this summer. Space Buddha and Cyber Cartel are names which will mostly likely be seen on the line up.


Links c'est l'orga de l'arcadia - 31/08-02/09-2007


Florence aka Limpts. Trance activist and volunteer, 14 years with the scene.

With the help of Tristan from Hadra.

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