Cosm records

Passionate psytrance with heart, mind and soul

Author: cosmrecords
Date: Jan 31, 2008
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cosm records brings you back the magic of the various psychelectric traditions of the past, with the contemporary top-notch sound of today - to further push the present boundaries of the culture. exploring the whole cosm of psy electronica, we aim to put back some mood, groove and music back into psytrance - from fullon to progressive to downbeat, breaks and dub - from uplifting to mindcrunching, banging to soothing, angelic to demonic - but real !!!


hamburg based cosm records was founded in late 2006 by five long-time friends, first generation trance-travellers and likeminded artists from hamburg/germany - please subscribe to our newsletter @ to stay up to date. We are looking forward to a prosperous psychedelic future. do not hesitate to get into contact with us.


please send demos and promotional material to:


cosm records


20097 hamburg







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