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Compilation V.A. "Psytelligence" out in November

Author: left hands
Date: Dec 18, 2003
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Psytelligence has been compiled by Chris Organic and Andrew Humphries. Organic Records has been going since 97' and has released 9 singles and 5 albums, including the big hits "Free Your Funky Chickens" and "Don't Panic". Organic Records is run by Chris Organic, a well-known and respected figure in the trance scene who DJs all around the world. He has had many releases on Organic, Transient, Spiral Trax, MDMA, Millenium, Next Stop, Rumour, etc. Andrew is Organic's A&R and a regular DJ on the European circuit.

Click the titles of the tunes to hear sound samples

1. APHID MOON v ORGANIK - "Are Mutants?"
(by Chris Organic and Jules Hamer)
An epic voyage of a track , further charting the terrritory of future tech trance. Mutants brings together dark atmospheric sounds which glide over an addictive beat and bassline. Between them, Aphid Moon and Organik have released on Atomic, Flying Rhino, Alchemy, Transient, Dragonfly,Turbo Trance, Nano, MDMA Spiral Trax and of course Organic..

(by Chris Organic)
Need a Drink? has been causing mayhem on the dancefloors in Chris's DJ sets around the world, with its awesome mid-way breakdown and intense bassline that really drives the dancefloor. Also featuring crisp percussion and finely produced electronic lead sounds.

(by Colin Bennun and Andrew Humphries)
An infectious groover of a track that fuses a funky bassline with energetic acid lines - this is a monster to watch for at the big parties. Colin has released tracks as OOOD/ Unconscious Collective on Flying Rhino & Transient.

(by Chris Organic)
This track extends Organik's reputation for writing party monsters, creating a writhing beast of a tune out of a shuffling snare and shape shifting acid stabs.. The Jellyfish builds through spooky drops and very tasty wibbly bits, full-on but in Organik's own unique style...

(by Thomas Hammarstrˆm)
Miraculix is one of Sweden's most exciting new acts. With previous releases on Alchemy and now this storming fat mother of a tune on Organic, he is sure to become one of the most in-demand acts in the near future. A very original, groovy psychedelic and uplifting track.

(by Andrew Humphries and Chris Organic)
Yuri Geller would be totally green with envy! The Organic guys team up to deliver a stomping fullon track, keeping the party moving with plenty of thrills and sonic spills.. Spoonbender snakes along with a killer groove and plenty of tribal percussion, plus cloning warning..

(by Andrew Humphries)
Mr Biscuit's second release on Organic is a stomping trancer - when Andrew plays this one he gets the crowd doing starjumps! Full of driving riffs and cleverly used samples, 'Shady' has been crafted to make the dancefloor go crazy!

(by Prisoners of the Sun and Chris Organic)
A kickass track to blend into the morning mix - Old muckers Organik / POTS have crafted a progressive anthem! Watch the tribal workout on the floor as it combines driving percussion and a proggy bassline, then like all good tunes reveals a brilliant melody as the song peaks! A special track that has many magical moments.

(by Michael Martin, Colin Bennun and Per Sterud)
This is one of those perfect morning tunes that really unites the dancefloor. Michael has worked with OOOD/Unconscious Collective and produces music across the spectrum from ambient to full on trance - here he delivers a smooth progressive masterpiece.

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