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new chillout release from Denmark

Author: left hands
Date: Dec 18, 2003
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V.A. "Floating Point"

For the second time Iboga Records is ready with an exclusive chill out compilation of the highest standard. This CD is the first to come in a new series called Floating Point. The style is electronic chill out and slow beats. This time Iboga Records can present a new line of genius artists from Copenhagen and around the globe, which all will appear on many future releases on Iboga Records and the new sub label Katarsis Lab.

The first new artist - Tomzen, is a really skilled musician, and has produced all from movie music and rock to dance music and electronic chill out. The second track to appear is from the already known DMT, which have released their debut album on Twisted Records last year. Stephane Holwck and Michio Baba have truly created a magic journey, which will stay in your mind for a long time. Stephane is also known for producing the legendary Total Eclipse. Third track is produced by: Great Leap Forward from Australia, this track is one of many new chill tunes he has been writing lately, a nice melancholic track from the land down under. Magneticon is Michael Kammler from Germany also known a few years back as Dj M-23, here he provides us with a nice melodic tune. Magneticon will also be featured on future katarsis lab releases. Crowd Control is a new very interesting Danish act. Here is a track taken from the forth-coming album on Katarsis Lab. The two Banner brothers featuring Niels Bonnevie, who are located in Copenhagen, produce the music and you can truly hear their musical skills in this masterpiece. There will be much more to come from Crowd Control in the future I.X.O.P is a new act from Greece and one to watch out for, he's music is very catchy and full of emotion. Puff Dragon is a chill side project from Steve Good - Double Dragon. With this track he truly shows a new interesting direction in his well-produced music

Next up is a new Fabel tune produced by Jeppe Ørnkilde, a nice slow beat track in its own unique style. Track 9 is produced by Anesthesia, and this is a taste of the forthcoming ambient album, which is to be released soon on Katarsis Lab. Last track is a good night tune from Jules Verne; again Jacob Olsen gives us a unique track, which is hard to forget.

Floating Point is a CD, which gives the listener a complete journey from the beginning to the end.

Track List CD:

1. Tomzen - Namaste
2. DMT - DeMaterializer (3rd Edit)
3. Great Leap Forward - Sniff
4. Magneticon - Trehugger Vs. Boomer
5. Crowd Control - Thors Armpit
6. I.X.O.P - Time For Sweetness
7. Puff Dragon - Lava
8. Fabel - Fortune Teller
9. Anasthesia - Floating
10. Jules Verne - Sad Melody

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