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Author: Tena Moore
Date: Jul 1, 2005
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Interview with Frederick Talaa, releasing as Neuromotor and founder of Mechanik Sound Records in Spain.

So, first off, are you still going to be releasing the Electricity album?

The album came out in November in Japan with Arcadia and we sold the licensing – there was a problem with mastering, contracts, etc. so we decided not to release it worldwide. You can only get it from Japan. We've changed our whole plan now. We're releasing another album in April or May called ‘bloody conception of life „

Are you using any of the same songs from the original album?

We wanted to keep the idea of the original one and stuck in this ....but finally we change our plan and go further we a total new concept ....bloody conception of life ...some how involve into our lifes ...talking about wars ,blood ,rage ,pain in the world ...and love at the end we should release this album probably on third eye records ...karan which a good friend of us ....let see ., but we have 2 new album to releases coming soon ,first a double cd comp of super dance floor killer track only from mechanik team 18 of them made in our new place ... a caslte in the south of france , so get very inspired byt the whole idea and it called ¨the mechanik caslte“ a comp full of surprises various combamation of our guys ...well we are preparing it for september out . Then we ll be releasing the crazy lion s cult album which is gill (hyper frequencies ) and me

So tell me about the new label, who's involved and what's going on with that at the moment?

Well, that was Mechanik Sound Records, but that was with my ex girlfriend and has stopped. For the last few months nothing has happened with that label. No website updates or anything. Well we are coming back soon with the new web site

I wanted to keep the name and association, so now it will be called simply ‘Mechanik Records', which is gilles ,stephan and me at the head of the compagny then two new guys in our team one called dj anaka (fabrice )is a french dj very promising such a talented artist also started is new project and lawrence aka chromatone from san fransisco who is also our sound designer and technical mac support , a young genious i tell u .... We have all kinds of collaborations going on. I've been working with Jilles for about 5 years. He's like a brother to me. He's family. I love his music. It's not for jumping around on the dancefloor, but it's more intense and deep. He's very talented. His music is tribal and intelligent and mental. When we play together we're “Crazy Lions Cult”. We're both Leos and met in Lyon, so it's a perfect name. We're crazy lions.

We've also picked up this new artist, Stephan, aka: Phatmatx. He was a rock guitarist for over 10 years with bands in France. Stephan represents the darker side of our music. He's been touring the last year in Australia and France and is an amazing and talented DJ and musician and as a person, he's part of the familly two maybe the most responsable of us ..the big bro u know . When Stephan and I play together we're called “Time Machine”. Stephan ,gilles ,chromatone and me are los diablos .then both have a collaboration waiting to know their name still (gilles and stephan )we have neurochrome (neuromotor and chromatone )chromatix (phatmatix and chromatone ) there is one pretty funny ,the nigga boys (which is this new dj anaka and me ) …so that s some funny colaborations and really different grooves with differents inspiration ...but all made at the castle ...
We're having our first Mechanik Records party all together on the 20th of March in Guadalajara, Mexico.

And the rest of your team?

As far as the rest of the team goes, we have Tajmahal from Portugal. He's an amazing ambient trance DJ. His morning sets are beautiful. Then from Spain, we have Xavi, another talented DJ. Lui is from Sydney, Australia, and is our webmaster and internationnal agent. Lui is very important to us, taking care of our bookings and contracts and money the way it work he is contact with al the country where we played and in each one we have a partner an agent working with us finding booking watching on our sells .... He's very professional and keeps things on track. Nagual is English and lives in Barcelona. He's our Graphic Designer, and a very talented and great painter and artist. Also, we have Marjorie in France, taking care of all the media, communications and advertising for France only she s the newest one but really important to us too and very involve . It's like a family. Everyone is important and involved.

What are the goals of the label in 2004?

Our main goal is to get more serious and professional about the business. So far we're doing good with bookings in the last 6 months in Japan, India, Australia, Russia, Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland, US (San Francisco and New York), Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil and Argentina – all as Mechanik Records. We plan on releasing music only from our label and doing a lot of Mechanik Records parties all over the world. There's a real focus on the music.

I hear that Neuromotor is now going to be performing as a band. Is that true?

Yeah. Neuromotor will be a collage of electronic music, acoustic guitar, violin and opera vocals. The guitarist is Tony- he's like my spiritual father. He's a very talented guitarist and used to play with Tangerine Dream. Right now he's teaching me to play guitar and sing. We're all influenced by rock, jazz, psy and funk. We listen to them all and draw from that feeling and sound. Together it's danceable, beautiful, intense and allows us to express all kinds of emotions.

So, will we recognize Neuromotor now?

It's still going to be Neuromotor, but with more melody, emotion and acid sounds. Our first party is the 14th and 15th of May in Portugal. It's called Synergy and put on by Good Mood Productions and Quest to Goa. It's going to be four of us, but we're not raising the price of Neuromotor. We want to share together. The community needs this fusion of music.

When is the first comp being released on Mechanik Records?

The comp should come out in about september. Everyone will be involved…all of the Mechanic Sound. artists. We're working on the cover right now. I can't tell you what it's going to look like, but it's going to be good!

Your own musical style is really changing, becoming more uplifting and emotional. I could feel the difference when you played at 550 Barneveld here in San Francisco.

My music is now happy still intense and kind of crazy a bit sometimes . (says Fred, looking really, really happy himself) I'm drawing from the most feminine parts of me…the bright, clear, strong and sensual. I love it., how I build the track, but there's an evolution. I feel so happy and well in my life now. I have a lot of energy. I'm hyperactive. I still need it fast and energetic, it s agressive sometimes less others ...well it depend al of them are built on the feeling of love ...but my conception of it !!!

Tena Moore, ,
San Francisco, February 6, 2004


& Christine Escalante „Mistress of Evil“

taken from mushroom magazine and brought to you by liese

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