D-Tek Album is out on december 5th

Earth technologies!

Author: Vazik
Date: Dec 3, 2003
Views: 2956

Throughout many years now, the Mexican DJ and producer has been developing and defining his own sound. With the experience of his former project D-tek & Dr. Panic; his collaborations with artists such as GMS, Earthling and Juvenile; his highly successful presentations in Japan, Brazil, Israel, Germany, Switzerland, Amsterdam, Costa Rica, San Francisco and all of Mexico; and his many, many years of djing, D-tek is now ready to rock the globe with his outstanding debut album.

D-TEK introduces an interesting combination of driving and powerful phat-basslines, with yet a groovy touch that detonates on every dancefloor. Every track is a story within itself; and altogether, a one-of-a-kind experience that must not be missed.

1- Universal Test 145 bpm
2- Who is it 145 bpm
3- LSD User 142 bpm
4- Earth-Technologies 145 bpm
5- El Santo Pt 2 145 bpm
6- Videodrome 145 bpm
7- Space Station 22 145 bpm
8- Earthquake 145 bpm
9- The Message 144 bpm

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