spaceship intershroom #5

Author: liese
Date: Dec 1, 2003
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mushroom magazine is comprised of dedicated professional editors, designers, writers, producers and artists geared at creating high impact, innovative and creative media publications that focus on electronic music and dance culture. The team brings together like-minded individuals from all corners of the globe that have joined efforts to create a magazine that is true to the dance culture that it represents. intershroom magazine gathers information on trance festivals, the latest music, related electronic equipment tests and write ups, artist showcases, fashion, musician and label interviews and a party guide all combined to formulate a visually stunning and colorful mixture of world culture that represents the trance dance movement. We offer up to date information about the scene, the people, places and latest innovations.

The International trance guide is released worldwide in English. The magazine is published quarterly with 50 000 issues printed each year and growing. It is the largest International Trance publication in the world.

The latest intershoom features a Protoculture interview, an up and coming South African artist producing some very good music. Find out what is up with Ultimae, Psymag, Biodegradable, Creon Records, The Big Deal, Spirit Zone, Kagdila, Avatar, Play Right Now, Spiral Trax and more.

In our kelidoscope section we feature Cyber Quest, Sehnsedahastes and Sehstorung, all spectacular deco teams ready to bring life to your event.

Our Planet report takes us to the Southern Hemisphere where you can find out what is going on in Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Australia, Costa Rica, Mexico, South Africa and Japan.

New in the intershroom is the famous Acid Test where mushroom dj's review the latest trance releases. In this issue we have Vibrasphere ÏLime StructuresÓ (Digital Structures), Protoculutre ÏrefractionsÓ (Nano), V.A. ÏClarityÓ (Nano), PPS Project ÏAC vs DCÓ (Hadshot), Mekkanikka ÏBasic Tribal PatternÓ (Spirit Zone), VA ÏEase Division 2Ó (Spiral Trax), Carbon Based Life Forms ÏHydrophonic GardenÓ (Ultimae Records), Star X ÏPrepare to FlyÓ (Com.Pact), Overlords ÏGods eye on GoaÓ (Hadshot), Lucy in the space with diamonds ÏEmerald CityÓ (Creon Records), V.A. ÏZoo B 2Ó (U.S.T.A)., V.A. Ï13th moonÓ (interchill), Triptych ÏLost ParadiseÓ (Turbo Trance), Har El Prusky and Sharon Jacobsen ÏX-WavesÓ (Hed- Artzi), V.A. ÏPsycomexÓ (AP Records).

Please accept the intershroom magazine as a free publication for your distribution and distribution catalogue and offer it free to all your clients. Thank your for your support. your mushroom crew

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