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Author: Sam
Date: Jan 6, 2006
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Date: Jan 6, 2005

2005 was a busy and successful Year!

It started off with the production of the second Trancers Guide to the Galaxy magazine - which included 30 country profiles and was a great success! Parallel to the magazine we managed to produce the first Trancers Guide compilation - a special edition Double-CD-Box with the magazine and 20 great tracks from 20 countries. Now the production of Trancers Guide 2006 magazine and Double-CD has been started and should be ready by end of March 2006.

The next step was the extention of our media agency activities Chaishop Media. Instead of offering advertising spaces only in our own media, we opened our agency for all types of promotional options that serve the trance scene. We're working on supplying trance-related media in Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, UK, Germany, Greece and Japan. We became the exclusive label consultant for mushroom magazine (means we handle all label bookings). We furthermore supply flyer printing and distribution, website creation, website hosting and a full label-promotion package (incl. the sendout of promo copies to important artists and media). With this complete offer we want to offer a perfect service for anyone that needs promotion for a party, product or service within the trance scene.

Two months ago we started our first audio show Chaishop Music News. The weekly show features an overview about new releases of psychedelic, progressive and chillout. It contains reviews on the releases, background info and an artist interview presented by DJ Mikadho, DJ Skunkbeat and DJ Sam @ The show can be downloaded anytime or automatically retrieved when fresh by subscribing to the Podcast. We got amazing feedback so far therefor we believe Chaishop Music News will become an integral part of the trance scene in 2006 and a good promotional vehicles for labels.

And we're in the process of relaunching Chaishop Booking. The new Chaishop Booking will work exclusively with high-profile trance artists and offer a large range of services to these. One one hand we will professionally handle the bookings and on the other hand do extensive promotional work. Stay tuned...

Last but not least also maintained it's quality. We published 321 articles to keep people up-to-date with the development of the trance scene (in comparison: 2004: 150 articles). And right now we're completely redesigning and restructuring Our plans are big and the aim is more interaction, more comfort, clearer navigation and more cooperations with other websites.

Thanks to everyone that helped us to move on! Thanks to the Chaicrew, to partnering medias, to our users and to our clients: Access All Areas UK, Ajuca UK, Amboworld UK, Antaris Project Germany, Arabesque UK, Avigmatic France, BNE Israel, Boshke Beats Spain, Bushplanet Austria, Caffix Mexico, Candyflip Greece, Ceiba USA, Cold Groove Canada, Crystal Matrix Portugal, Digital Structures Sweden, Dropout USA, Etnicanet Spain, Exogenic Finland, Flexible Sweden, Fluffy People UK, Free Spirit UK, Good Mood Portugal, Iboga Denmark, Kairoo Belgium, Kosmic Hoboes France, Lisara Turkey, Lunancy Fashion Switzerland, Mad Elephant USA, Mandala France, Masti Music India, Mental Arts Germany, Microdutch Netherlands, Millennium UK, Muskaria Spain, Nano South Africa, Narah Spain, Natraj Temple Germany, Neurobiotic Italy, Neuronal Spain, Nomad Switzerland, Nubia Wear Sweden, Psycom-Unity Australia, Poland, Pukka UK, Sanskara South Africa, Shaman Germany, Sixofour Belgium, Solar Flares Brasil, Solarsiv Italy, Solstice Japan, Son-Kite Sweden, Sonar Plexus Germany, Sonic Vista Spain, Sonnenklang Austria, Sploratus Mexico, Tala UK, Tech Safari Canada, The Suite Germany, Ticon Sweden, TIP UK, Tshitraka Germany, Tranceformation Brasil, Transition Argentina, Traumstation Germany, Tribal Vision Czech, Trishula Germany, Triskele UK, Two Hands Denmark/Brasil/Sweden, Unicorn Greece, Vaporvent USA, Virusnet Spain, Wakyo Japan, Waldfrieden Germany, Wannas Place (Greenspirit) Thailand, Wild Artists Brasil, Wild Things UK, Wirikuta Austria - and everyone I forgot!

We wish that also 2006 will be an active, inspiring, unifying, successful and peaceful Year! Let's work on it!!!

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