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Date: Aug 26, 2003
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p r o f i l e



Mara Costa (25) was born in Lisbon, Portugal 1978.

"Strongly influenced by techno/ house dancefloors in my teen age, trance was the dance that followed. Working in the Boom Festival as deco artist for Good Mood and other portuguese crews, the history started in 2000, one year after moving to Amsterdam. It didn't took too long until new ideas & people came along wich made me walk the path. After long months of training, only recently i felt to be ready.In 2001, after playing in the beautiful hills of Palenque, Mexico, the magic grew stronger. Since then Amsterdam psy Venues, outside parties and ambient rooms have been my favorite. Together with the dutch organizations i found the support for a warm begining. (9 Lifes of Hoffman, Mutual Hypnosis, Boom Voyage, Safari Sounds..)"

Progressive full on to tribal/house groovie melodies. All musical influences are welcome as long as they're good!
Music as the 6 senses, to honor all the tribes existing...


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