Aes Dana

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Date: Jun 26, 2003
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Psyorganic ambient downtempo and morning beats. I compose also spacey music, industrial and morning trance.

Aes Dana

Psyorganic ambient downtempo and morning beats. I compose also spacey music, industrial and morning trance.

name and age?
AES DANA - Vincent Villuis, 28 old

where are you from?
Lyon in France (in an old cyber attic)
AES DANA is essentially composed by Vincent Villuis (former member of Asura) with several artists' participation : Sunbeam (Mahiane), Pascale Auffret and Sir John. These encounters enabled the outcome of an ambient sound standing at the crossroad of several influences.

where do you want to go?
I wish to widen my productions, work in different projects : firstly developping trancey downbeat, my "predilection" style. But I work in paralell on other musical and artistic projects : spacey music pieces, morning trance trax and electro world composition with real musicians. I hope to move everywhere in the world and present by mix or live act the sound I create in my studio, offer to people a panoramic sensation, between organic beats and solemn sonic landscapes.

what do you do on that way?
I just released my album "Season 5", 10 trax of ambient morning trance. The reaction of media and public are really good and motivate me to continue in this way. By the way, I licenced a new trax to 3D Vision for their compilation Module 02 and am expecting answers from other labels. I often play live, create samples and sound design for different bands or websites. I will mix the second album of my digital friend Solar Fields with whom I work on the H.U.V.A Network project. In fact, I work hard and am patient.

try to describe your music or art.
AES DANA sound? small tales made of samples and waves, charged with the energy of deep bass and tribal beats. A fluid downtempo wave building into morning trance. I try to merge spacey music and morning sensations, fresh beats, between industrial and sweet feelings. I hope to offer different levels of listening in my music. This is the experience I live when I create and hope the listener can feel it.

the best thing you did in your life?
hard question ! euh...maybe, to create Ultimae records (label and website) or maybe to meet Sunbeam in January 2001:) I don't think it's down to me to judge, rather to others to express their feelings...

what will you do next? any plans?
I will create music for events like landart installations. I also prepare other ambient pieces and a full-on trance project.

whats annoys you / inspire you?
Everything that surrounds me is inspiration: nature, technologies, sounds are everywhere. Travels are also a source of pictures, sensations. I read a lot and I'm inspired by legends and alchemy.

your sense of life?
Be quiet, help others, offer the best of myself, meet a lot of people, find all the good vibes, create a network, leave something behind me and say good bye :)

what machines do you use to compose?
I use hardware (supernova, A3000, 01V Yamaha mixer and two computers in network), softwares (Logic audio, Soundforge, Acid, Vegas...) and a lot of plug-ins and VST instruments. I record all my real samples (climax, instruments, voices) with portable DAT and treat them after with differents systems and chain of effects. For the mastering, we work on Protools system 8.

booking contact?

deejay and / or Live act
Ultimae records / Sunbeam or Vince
6 rue Mazard 69002 Lyon – France

phone / fax : 00 33 472 409 957

your e-mail adress?

your website?

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