cold groove records

Toronto / Canada

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Date: Jun 26, 2003
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cold groove records

Toronto / Canada


Where are you from ?
Toronto / Canada

Labelconcept and -philosophy:
to provide a home base for established and up and coming canadian artists who are making what we think is quality fresh beats for the psychedelic scene, also we look forward to working with international artists who share the same vision of music and life.

My vision of life is simple really, like many others I feel we came here to experience the world and enjoy it, so I try to enjoy and experience as much as I can! Music is one of the things I enjoy most I will try to make myself involved with it anyway I can. For the label I like to work with people who are of the same frame of mind with the same vision of life and music as myself.

cold groove records

Number of releases up to now:
debut release on the way, more to follow!

Copies per release (Vinyl / CD):
700 vinyl
2000-3000 CD

Milestones - releases you consider to be milestones in the labelhistory:
as a new label the biggest milestone is our debut release of canada's top producers Nuclear Ramjet

Try to describe your music:
Mix between the techno and progressive styles, keeping a certain groove, still with psychedelic elements.

The best thing you did in your life ?
Met and nice girl and broke free from the standard north american mindset

What will you do next ? Any plans ?
keep progressing the label and artists as well as make my own live act.

Whats annoys you / inspire you ?
Global corporate mafia/mother nature

Your sense of life ?
one big experience

Who is cold groove records?
Started by Jeremy Reid (dj Yeb), he has been involvled with psy trance for many years, started making parties in 1999. introduced Canada to many of the top acts of the scene. Began dj'ing in 2000 and producing soon after. has played many of canada's biggest trance parties and festivals.

Jeremy Reid “DJ Yeb”

Booking contact:



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