Genetic Spin

Simon Towity und Michael Schultz / DK

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Date: Jun 26, 2003
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Genetic Spin

Simon Towity und Michael Schultz / DK

What kind of artist are you?

Describe your style:
Progressive Trance

Name and age:
Simon Towity (22 years old), Michael Schultz (22 years old)



Free text about you or your project (if you want)...
We started working on the Genetic Spin project shortly after having met each other in the year 2000. Basically the project started out as an attempt of two friends trying to produce some trax together. We shared much the same taste of music, and had both worked on our own before, but "Genetic Spin" was, (or became) the first "serious" project for both of us. We did not have precise visions on style and sound, just started trying out ideas, building grooves, of course inspired by the artists we liked, try to target in on our own sound and style. We got well along both inside and outside the studio and has worked on the project ever since..

Where do you want to go?
Higher but in the matter of music, it is very important for us is to keep developing the sound, to go in new directions, try out new ideas and of course increase our own producing skills, which all goes together..But, as in every other phase of live, to move always matters. When fore example a new track is finished there are a lot of ways to evaluate and judge it. Some of the FAQ's if you might say; good track for the dancefloor ?, Creative ? does is catch people ?, groove ?, sound quality and production ? etc. etc. - These are all important factors in our music - but of course it is hard, if not impossible, every time to produce a track that "scores high grades" in all these categories, and all together sounds better than the last one. Especially because it is a matter of people's individual taste in the end..- so even though we have these different factors in our mind when producing, in the end - the most important thing when a piece of sound is finished is that we succeeded using some new elements and that it contains something that our last track did not - this is our ideal..

What do you do on that way?
Might sounds like a cliché but "hard work" is some of it..We stay open to new ideas, of course listen to a lot of different music (not only electronic), going to parties and keep the inspiration coming from nowhere and everywhere...Every experience, as often something that has absolutely nothing to do with music, can be a source of inspiration. Guess the point we are trying to make is that for us inspiration is something hard to reach for - more something that just comes to you from time to other, in connection with some experience..And in the studio, once in a while instead of sitting in the chair with the "now I have to make a track-attitude" Step 1. Kick/Bass, Step 2. Hi´s and so.. just sit down and play..have a beer (Tuborg), twist a lot of knobs in weird directions and see what your machines answer..many times good ideas pop up this way. Of course this also demands the self-discipline of finishing a track, when you feel you have the ideas and actually have started one, this is where the "hard work" shows its face. Even though we love making music, it happens that in the end when you have to make the last part of a track, adjust, mix it and everything, you have heard the groove over and over so many times it would amuse you more to hear the toilet flush...this is where you have to hang on not to spill it all on the floor..

Try to describe your music or art ?
Even though, our music would probably fit under the hat of progressive trance, we don't feel this really say a lot about the music.. The style on the upcoming album is deep and progressive, a pick out of trax we have made over about the last year or so. But as hard as it is boring, in our opinion, to lock up music in a "box of genre", we just like listening to music, and get our own impression, which we hope people would do with ours.. Without this getting to sound all too cosmic, music means extremely much to us, and often works as a sort of an energysource, or driveforce in our lives..For us music is also an expression. As with every other creative occupation, music is someone's ideas expressed..simple as that. When it comes to art in general, it being painting, writing, sculpturing or whatever, people often perceives it as a "picture" of the artists personality..when it comes to our kind of music - we think this is partly true. Guess you can hear traces of the artist personality or mood in the music and it can be a weird, amusing or sad experience. But then again in the production, it is often a long, sometimes difficult or in the extreme impossible process from an idea arrives in the mind of an artist - until it actually streams out your monitors as sound.. Because so many other factors - as you technical skills, equipment etc. has a great influence on the result also.

The best thing you did in your life?
Tough one..hard to compare these shining moments hehe...It should be something that has lead to some important personal development or changes.. Getting into music and start producing should be mentioned..this has lead to so many different experiences and challenges. We have gotten a lot of friends, and met many types of people through music. Had good moments, victories as well as defeats and downers...The best experience with music, and maybe all together so far was a gig in Brasil, where we stayed for two weeks and had some of the most amazing days ever!. The people, atmosphere, beach, mountains, jungle, parties and everything...

What will you do next? any plans?
We will still attempt to take the sound to a higher level, working on our tracks and liveset. We will keep the "Genetic Spin" project running, but in the new trax we are twisting the sound a little in the melo direction, with a more "stuffed" and noizing groove. Apart from that no dramatic changes, keep doing what we like - and flow with the experiences that come from it.

What annoys you / inspires you?
As mentioned before - inspiration for us can pop out as a result of many different experiences..It can be music, people, emotional ups and downs, or just everyday things that you derive something from..- But in general we feel that it is the positive experiences in life, with people, happenings and so that feeds our musical abilities the most. Even though the downs and a sad mood, can open some other doors. What annoys us...would probably in the first row, be people without respect for other people in spite of differences. People that treat others like trash. People who don't understand that you don't grow as a person, by making other people smaller..

Your sense of life?
Love, music, traveling, meeting people, being challenged and spreading good vibes..

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