DJ Anneli

Female DJ from Halmstad in Sweden

Author: left hands
Date: Jun 26, 2003
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DJ Anneli

Female DJ from Halmstad in Sweden

Style ?
It can be funky tribaltrance or pumping progressive trance or even psychedelic full-on, it depends on what is needed for the party! I also play progressive house and hardtrance.

Where are you from ?
Halmstad in Sweden

Free Text about your Project
In September 1998 I found out that I could combine my love for music with work and began playing at nightclubs in southeast of Sweden. At this time it was house, clubtrance and acid that came out of the speakers. Today I mostly play progressive-, psychadelic- and full power trance at parties. During these four years I have been playing at more than 90 nightclubs and at several tranceparties both in Sweden and abroad. I play trancemusic full of energy with a big smile on my lips. My goal with my sets is to make the crowd feel happy and have a big smile on their lips too!

Where do you want to go ?
I have a dream of playing in Japan! I've always been fascinated by the little country on the other side of the globe...

What do you do on that way ?
I'm doing my best to play that good that someone overthere want to book me for a playing.

Try to describe your music or art
The music I play is full of energy and I blend different styles. Never monotome, I need action in the tracks otherwise I don't play them. I love to begin with funky tracks and then build up to hard progressive/psychedelic tracks!

the best thing you did in your life ?
I discovered the music that made me feel something special and then I began dj-ing...

What will you do next? Any plans ?
I would like to travel around the world and make people happy with my music.



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