V/A Southern Oscillation

compiled by Dj Connecto for Ear Peaks Music

Author: Guy Cohen
Date: May 30, 2007
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Date: 30.05.2007
Text: Guy Cohen

The 4th release of Ear Peaks Music group is \"Southern Oscillation\" compilation. The cd was compiled by Dj Connecto from the South African scene. Despite the strong attraction for hard psytrance style in S. Africa, Dj Connecto was connected to the soft beats with the fat groove and started to spin the crowd with fresh style of music called progressive.

01. Motion drive - Low Tide 134 BPM
The good energies in this comp. are sensed from the first second by the sweet melody on the begining. Phillip Guillaume from Switzerland is also known as Rumble Pack, but here he is present his new (and promising) project called Motion Drive. The flow is amazing, full of morning vibes. The emotional melody is going together with the track all over and gives feeling of freedom and positive vibes are in the air all the time. This track is turn my expectations very high from the rest of the compilation, so lets hope the next to come will not disappoint us.

02. Quantize - Gentle Fuck 137 BPM
Adi & Reshef are definitely the most talented newcomers in Israel on the proggy genre. They just released debut track on Blue Tunes compilation. Their sound is so clean and together with smart ideas, Qunatize\'s music is the freshest thing around. \'Gentle Fuck\' track is prove again why this guys are get so much feedbacks. The baseline is solid, the kick is fat and the groove element is the main issue here. The track is developing slowly, and down me to deep places with special atmosphere of adventure story. The brake after five minutes is take the cd one level higher, and the body is start move groovly with the beats.

03. Aerospace - Multiclimax 137 BPM
The title is gives a clue for the music beyond. Guy Youngman from Israel is spin many dance floors around the globe with his 2nd studio album (\'Elevation\') and now we have chance to taste one more bomb from his crazy head. The aggressive baseline is a body shaker, but the climax vocals are too vulgar in my opinion, he could use this vocals less and give up for the porn atmosphere. Anyway, \'Multiclimax\' track is dance floor groover and one more excellent material by Aerospace.

04. Sense - Release 136 BPM
Dj Connecto is let us taste some beats from S. Africa by \"Sense\" project. Their style is different than the \"Israeli\" progressive music - less powerful but more psychedelic and delightful. \'Release\' track is almost 10 minutes and not even one second of boring. The effects around just make it more interesting & intrigue, and the listener enjoy from lovely experience of pure proggy music. Great work guys.

05. Annarchy - Bizzarre Hi 138 BPM
Listeners, prepare your ears for Miss. Anna Hefetz\'s unique style. She is exposing a new side of the groove - tribal and mysterious. Annarchy style is impossible to define - she is collect elements from varied types of music and unite them all into one piece of art. The atmosphere in this tune is simply genius. The \"Bizzare\" sample, which repeat it self again and again, is just add to the tribal vibes in the air. When you say - \"Dance like nobody watching\", all you need to do is play \'Bizzarre Hi\' track and your body will respond automatic. I\'m looking forward for more releases from this super talented girl.

06. Quantize - Alles Groovy 140 BPM
Adi and Reshef come back and groove us all with their \'Alles Groovy\' tune. The tempo is standard for pumping dance floors and this track will surely do it a lot. This is the best material I heard lately and of course my favorite one in this cd. I just fall in love with their brilliant style - full power progressive without mercy at all. When I\'m imagine this track played on a party, big big smile is take control on my face and I get a body-trembling. Quantize - keep blasting!

07. Vaishias - Scape 137 BPM
What is more suitable after a proggy bomb? sure, one more bomb. The powerful line is keep going and this time Hannes (Spintwist Records owner) is responsible for the dust in the air. His style is melodic and happy every time. The order of the track list is so smart and that why \'Scape\' track is fit perfect to current mood. Yes, it\'s time for progressive mess follow with serious diging.

08. V-Tunes - Illusions 134 BPM
\'Illusions\' track has a clear target - keep the story interesting and the vibe alive. Despite the tempo decrease, Hans & Sandro are doing the job well. Deep track for the brain with relaxing atmosphere and the legs are still dance, but on a moderate way.

09. Sound field - Passion Session (Nasa rmx) 137 BPM
Mikkel was remixed one of Sound Field tracks and what an excellent work he did here. I could not think on better finish for this rare compilation than this one - minimal beats with flat kick and soft melodies, which leave us with taste for more. I can\'t believe we get to the end already...

Well, I don\'t find the right words for pass you my feeling after hearing this cd...it\'s so colorful and modern. The comp. is exactly like a successful dj set with up\'s & downs and maximum pleasure, and here I must thank to DJ Connecto for his tracks selections and more important - the best order for one of a kind trip into the proggy journey.
One more feedback is for the cover & booklet designer, the green color is symbolizes an optimistic attitude and that is the right concept for \"Southern Oscillation\" cd.

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