Near Paris / France

Author: left hands
Date: Jun 26, 2003
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Near Paris / France

Real Name & Age
my name is Charles "Triptych" Michaud and i'm 26 years old

Style ?
to describe my music i talk about "Daylight Full-on", it means music with groovy and warmy basslines, full-on rhythmycs,powerfull breaks and ecstatic melodies. Always positive synths, not too deep, not melancholic, but shinny as the sun...i make music for the Sun!

Where are you from ?
i'm not far from Paris / France

Free Text about your Project
i think in full-on you have a lot of night music, a lot of people think full-on it's for the night, or sometimes it can be for the morning, but i'm totally convinced it is also a perfect music for the middle of the day, when the Sun shines and when the sky is deep blue...this kind of full-on music can transport you so far when you use ecstatic melodies, and i love to use the synth in that way, powerfull but always positive or happy, i can't make night music. i'm not making a full on music with only screaming synth, i like to use harmonies

Where do you want to go ?
i want to reach my lost's the title of my album...i'm a Nostalgic boy, but not melancholic, for me it's not the same!

Try to describe your music or art
in my music i like to use all my musical influences that help me to reach this artistic ideal, i listen to a lot of classical music for exemple, the 19 th century repertoire, the Romantic movement, i like the Art in this Century, it's a very spiritual one. Romantic artist is the one who find himself in a spiritual way.

the best thing you did in your life ?
the best thing i did in my life?? to Love, and make Art, because for me Art is the only way to find his own personnality, the spiritual one, the real one...for me the artist is the missing link between God and the people.

What will you do next? Any plans ?
Love and make Art again

Whats annoys you / inspire you ?
what annoys me : people who talk too much, they take care of their outside but not of their inside.

what inspire me : Love, Compassion, Redemption, Mysticism and... Sunflowers...:)

Your sense of life?
"Close the Eye of your Body to see first your image with the Eye of your Spirit. Then show to the daylight what you have seen in the darkness, in a way that can act on others, from the outside to the inside" it's from Caspar David Friedrich a German painter...that's a sense of life for me, everyday i try to do in that way


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