Klang der Essenzen @ Druckluft Oberhausen

Groovy Springtime in Germany

Author: Frederik
Date: Apr 23, 2003
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April , 16 2003 Photos : Frederik Text: Frederik




Klang der Essenzen @
Druckluft / Oberhausen

A very nice Party Series had it´s next
round in the beginning of this month.

The Klang der Essenzen organized by DJ TOMTRON and some friends
are always very nice and made with a lot of Love for the Details a good Party need.

The Line-up was a litlle bit changed because the two israeli Matadors ,
Zoo-B and Maili couldn´t play because of the Iraq-War and their chancelled flights but anyway the Party was nice and we´ll hear them in October in Oberhausen.

I have to talk about Tobias & Daniel Sun also, those two Groovy Guys delievered a real nice Set and everybody could see that they loved to play there.And afterwards Greg from Hypnotic Arts kicked the last dancing asses around with his kicking Groovy beats.

On the Second Floor DJ MEL from MEL.LER played a rocking night Set as always and afterwards me and Sara played the last Time as DJ Team because she has to concentrate on the University things for now and hopefully gets back to my side in the Summertime.

The deco was made by the famous COSMIC WALKERS from Dresden with their mindblowing Objects and Paintings - but have a look on yourselve ....

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  Cosmic Walkers Deco

Main Hall Main Hall II

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