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Date: Feb 20, 2003
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i n t e r v i e w



who are you, where do you live?

My real name is André. Born in the summer of love.
Born, raised and still living in Cologne.

what are you doing when you´re not playing music, (jobs, other things)?

Labelmanager & Cyberpunk, Newsjunkie, Civil Libertarian & TaiChi-Student

how did you come to music, did you play other instruments/music before you came to psytrance ?

Played a little Guitar & Bass as a kid and always loved electronic sounds like Jean Michel Jarré and Pink Floyd. Started my DJ-Career with 18 years, playing Rock/Pop/Punk/Indy in a Pub, drifting more towards the danceable stuff like HipHop/TechnoHouse/Jungle beginning of the 90th, got my first full trance blast at the Voov 93. From then on I'm trance-addicted without a cure.

what is your style, how and when did you come to trancemusic, to producing, to your first gigs?

I would call my style psychotribaldubtrancerock. Started playing at the Elixier-Partys we organized with friends. After I played an afterhour-gig at the 42.d.p the club-manager offered me the residence for this date and the next 4 years my show "Morgenandacht" was the germ cell for the psytrance-scene in Cologne. At this time I worked in the Metra-Studios, where I became A&R-Manager for Polytox-Records. Last year I started my own label "Mental Arts".

what is going on in your local scene?

Actually i think the scene in Cologne is very diverse and active. I specially like the openmindedness which roots in a long and deep history of house & techno in this area.

what does trancemusic mean for you, how importand is trance for you, what do you use it for?

It's the sound that brings together the nicest community of like-minded souls, the engaging tool for full body workouts and the state of mind I like to stay in.

what do you think about our scene and where do you think are we going to?

Currently we see a big market shakeout. There will be less releases but higher quality will succeed.

what are your releases/events until now, (discographie)?

Sharas Deluxe "Grandulated Rock" -Flying Rhino
Funky B.O.T. "Behold the mystery" -Freeform Rec.
Funky B.O.T "The drug thing/Let us rock" -Mental Arts

what are your futurities, upcoming releases, upcoming parties?

Currently we are planing a promo-tour for the Uplifter-Compilation which will come out in April. There will be 2-3 more "Circle of light"-Partys and I'll be involved in the organization of a Cybertribe-Festival in this year.

what was the best, funniest or strangest experience in your carreer?

At one time in my former regular club 42dp., there was this little drunk, but absolutely wicked looking, hot black babe, which tried to drag me behind the stage, begging that I fuck her...and no other Dj around to take over the turntables, so I had to stay behind the decks, do my duty and let this outstanding opportunity pass by. But anyway, it was nice that she asked. =)

love & energy

André Schmitz
(Dj Joyrider)

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