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Date: Feb 11, 2003
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celebrate the power, and evolution that electronic music has to offer

Nanobeat is a danish label formed by 3 creative people who want to celebrate the power, and evolution that electronic music has to offer.

The main idea is to bring forward new and exiting aspects of electronic music.
On our first release we combined skilled newcomers, with more well known acts, and this will also be the recipe for future releases, but first of all we want to bring forward new talents, and open up avenues to other and more popular sounds like house and club musicmanifested in our first three 12 inches.

Since Trance and electronica in all its shapes, has gone into a fantastic phase of intellect and simplicity, we feel that the time has come to push things even further. We will stay focused on these two sounds of music for a start, and then move on to electro and ambient as a natural expansion

Nanobeat is a team of 2 djs and an accountant , all professionals, with the right spirit.

Jeppe, 26, a dj for seven years and one of the founders of Iboga studios, where acts such Phony Orphants, Fabel and Spin have drawn his attention, and still do. Jeppes know-how from iboga is a solid platform for the label. He will cover areas such as a&r work, management and promotion.

Louie, 26 and dj for five years and the first female dj out of Denmark. A woman with a finger on the pulse of on-going development and brains behind the act Spin, released on Flow Records. Louies main work will be a&r management and promotion .

Eloise, 30 a professional accountant and healer, Eloise came to Denmark in 1998 as a promoter for a booking agency in France, Alliance Production, covering all kinds of electronic music and in collaboration with Coda, which is one of the biggest electronic music magazines in France. She worked for two radio stations, one in Marseille called Utopie and one in Paris called FG. Eloises main work areas at Nano Beat, will be administration and promotion.

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