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Traktor, Treibstoff and more

Author: Frederik
Date: Jan 15, 2003
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Jan , 15 2003 Photos : Frederik Text: Frederik





Few Weeks ago the Club started in one of Berlins old industrial Buildings which was not as i exepted in pure grey and minimal lights - every room was flooded with wonderful coulered Projections from the wellknown Deco - and Projectionteam LILASPACECREATIONS from Berlin.

The whole Party was planned on two Desktop PCs with Flatscreen Monitors and the Traktor 2.0 Soft-ware from Native Instruments which runned totally properly all night long. One thing which was really was the crash of the Live Mixer during Treibstoff´s Liveact - they couldn´t finish it and so Kai MAthesdorf started playing his lovely Morning Set and afterwards i found the way out of the Location directly into a snowball fight from Sam and Dj Supermacke but after a few balls the fight was over and we could all drive home.

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Foto by Frederik


Foto by Frederik Foto by Frederik


Foto by Frederik

Foto by Frederik


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