Interview with Dj Laureth

A&R and Business Affairs at Plusquam Records

Author: Sequential-X
Date: Jan 12, 2003
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January 12, 2003 - Text: Sequential-X

1. Hello, please introduce yourself to our readers.

My name is Juergen, aka DJ Laureth. I'm 31 years old, living in Hamburg and I care about A&R and Business Affairs at Plusquam Records Spirit Zone Recordings.


2. How did the whole thing started ? Meaning when did the first ideas of setting up a label that will be totally focused in bringing new sounds, more progressive and much clubbier than the normal psy-trance release, materialized ?

When I started working for Plusquam, the label was already existing since more than one year. The idea was to create a platform for different new styles, which didn't really fit to Spirit Zone. It was a matter of our personal taste, which is of course diverse. It's always interesting to listen to a bigger range of music, than only to psytrance and try to catch other influences. Techtrance and progressive trance got quite popular in this time. We loved the sound of producers like Paul Brtschitsch or Thomas P. Heckmann. Also our own artists, like Boris Blenn or Chris Zippel, tried out to produce more clubby stuff. So we decided to give this sound a home.


3. Plusquam has been doing a great job in the background for some years now, releasing very good stuff. Do you feel you are there to support the psychedelic experiment or you are there to just be another label ?

We are definately here to support new tendencies in trance music. Sometimes the progressive psychedelic stuff, sometimes the more clubby trance or progressive house. We are open for good music from all of these styles, as long as it is something new and innovative.


4. Please describe the vision for the future of Plusquam records.

We try to come to a point were Plusquam stands for special and unique kind of sound. For this we try to win certain artist for our label, who fit in this concept. Like Timetech, Buzz, Auricular, Hopefiend and some more, not confirmed yet. We also try to be not just a label, we want to create a community of artists, supporting each other.


5. Has this Spirit Zone offshoot been any good and returned the investment ? In others words how is the support from listeners all this years ? Any big name Djs being regular in the Plusquam promo mailing list ?

Until now we are not able to return our investments. This takes a little time, until the label is more accepted and popular. At the moment it is hard for all the labels. The sales are very low. We saw this year that also big labels, such as MDMA and Flying Rhino, got financial problems. But this is not a matter of Plusquam, it's a problem of the general economic situation. We try to continue releasing quality music and I am sure that more and more people will appreciate this and support us. Of course we're also sending out promos to Dj's, but we have a quite small list.


6. Plusquam Records has been raised pretty highly in my own list of choices back in time when it released one of my favorites bands second album (I must say I was surprised). I am talking about Ju Ju Space Jazz of course and now another “weird” band from the land of the “loonies” (I am referring to their ability to make so much crazy music that still can be one hell of a trip and not only for the producer himself) joins the group. Greay Area, a very popular ambient (well almost) band with releases to the legendary Psy-Harmonics. Please tell us some words about this release ?

We have already released a lot of Grey Area tracks on several compilations. We love the sound and we promised to release the album, after Psy-Harmonics not doing so. The album is full of beautifull ambient / lounge sounds, containing 11 tracks and a video.


7. Australia has some very talented musicians but few of them find their way to Europe, is Plusquam Records willing to bring some of the Australian magic to Europe ?

I guess most of the Australian sound is a bit to weird for us. At the end I don't care so much from where we get the sound. It just has to hit our taste and has to fit in our concept.


8. How do you find the psychedelic scene in about two years from now ? Where by your opinion the psychedelic scene should move to ?

That's hard to say. I think the psychedelic scene has to get a bit more professional and reach a better quality regarding music production and especially the parties. Too many fuck ups this year. This can't be the way. But I still think that the psychedelic scene is on a good way. The community is getting bigger and the people are still very open to different influences. It's possible to play on a party a complete range of styles, from full-on to progressive house. This is very special for the electronic scene.


9. Are there thoughts for crossing into the nu school breaks area in the future with some releases ? Many labels are releasing stuff that can be characterized as breakbeat tracks (through a chill-out lens usually), especially in the Scandinavia, is Plusquam willing to take a risk like that in the nearby future ?

No, definately not. Trance is our love and our business.


10. Final question and a bit tricky, do you feel you are a psychedelic trance label ?

No, as I said, the label is a platform for different styles of progressive trance. Sometimes we may release a progressive psychedelic album, for example Double Dragon, but we are not only focused on this style.


11. Please close this interview with a wish, a statement, or anything else that pops in mind.

I would like to thank everyone who supported our work and the artists’ talent by buying our stuff. Because of CD copying and trading music via the internet, it is hard for the undergound labels to survive these days. Please try to see further than your desire to have music for free. Help us to bring the musical movement onto the right path. Save your music's future!


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