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Date: Nov 18, 2004
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With beautiful landscapes and a great ambient diversity in the whole country, Mexico is one of the most attractive places in the world to visit. Perfect to spend a couple of days in the colonial, cultural and arqueological places or at the well known shores, woods, forests and even deserts; some of them have been the stages of many open-air trance parties. Recently, a non-numbered of artists of the hole world have played here where the trance scene develops very fast. If you are a trance lover, be sure you‚re gonna‚spend a great and exciting experience!

Before walking by 302 years Œtill find this promised land by its god Hutzilopochtli, the Aztec Nation found the place where they established their capital. At 1325, they built the Tenochtitlán City in a big kind of isle in the middle of Texcoco Lake, the same place that occupes México City in our days.

Being a mystery where the aztecs came from, it was a big empire with a lot of knowledge about natural laws and the universe order. As a dominant country, its existence was based by religious polytheism, tightly linked with the cosmos. Through rituals and dances, they kept tribute to their principal gods such as Huitzilopochtli, Coatlicue and Coyolxauhqui (Sun, Earth and Moon) also to the 400 surians (Stars). Because of that, since our origins, our people has a particular interest in the cosmos process and all interaction with the cosmos energies. Perhaps, before being conquered at S.XIV by the Spanish Nation, the Aztec Empire extinguished its light and with it also buried the foundations of a great civilization which mantained the true sense of the equilibrium and respect with Mother Nature.

Later, the time of fusion camed with other foreign cultures. During the time of colony, when the Spanish Crown governed, the aztecs were forced to profess the catholic religion and to forget any characteristic of their previous beliefs. But this privation of freedom in all the American continent was the main reason that detonated the fight for the Independence in these lands. México arised as a country in 1821, giving a new opportunity to its people to recover their own path and to develop a sovereign nation.

After three centuries, the Mexican Nation continues recovering its own roots; this impressive culture is impossible to forget and during the last years of XX century, in addition of an effort to enrich the union between all the Mexicans, we develop a sense of folkloric and cultural recovery that has caused to remember those customs and historical values. Also, this has produced to go back more to our roots, even before the Aztec times. The young people of our days have great interest by the antique Mayan culture customs, mother of all the rest of the old Mesoamericanas cultures and precursor of the study of the space and time.

This situation extends the perspective to interact beyond the Mexican borders, mainly with its South America sister nations which also have similar historical-cultural characteristics.


In Mexico, the electronic scene grows very fast day to day. But beyond the commercial trance like the style of Paul Oakenfold and John Digweed, more and more people are interested in raves and well known PARTIES: identified like non-commercial or underground. This happens by the impact of the great variety of groups and projects of all places of the world that come to play here. More and more people comes to the parties, each time they know about them not matters how far they are, in forests, beaches, lakes, valleys and even in the cities at clubs and discotheques.

Nevertheless, due to the freshness of trance movement in our country, there are people who do not understand the true meaning of this culture: the music, symbol of communication and coexistence between races, nationalities, religions and social status. Sometimes, there are gatecrashers and bad behaved people that cause problems with authorities, but this only happens to some promoters who are not able to measure the magnitude of the party and goes out of contol, the only thing that they cause is to create troubles in the assistant-producer relation.

In spite of the bad rumors, the parties in Mexico are great festivals that concentrate thousands of people under the same concept. Each party is different and there is a large variety of locations. Sometimes the temperatures are extreme, but in the morning everybody gets a happy dancing. These parties last approximately from 20 to 30 hours and some of them extend until the night comes again.
To Mexico, there have come to play almost all the best projects and artists of the hole world and some of the best parties are made year by year, like the TIERRA MAGICA festival, that was one of the most expected in the summer until this year that presented its last episode: TM3 - The Call of Gaia, its line up was always killer. Others of the greatest parties than have been made here last years are: TIME & SPACE (who in early next year will be realese its 2nd and most expected episode!!), BARUM and MARA‚AKAME, where there were at least 8,000 people in each one.
Trance has became a lifestyle of many mexican young people. It has managed to adapt to the way of life of our society. It´s easy to take into account this because even in the communication media, such as the television and radio networks, are used trance tracks in advertisements, campaigns, spots, shows and even in the news.

When the party time need comes, it´s enough to visit a boutique or record store and take some flyers to find out the next trance festival. Perhaps, with luck you can find TRANCE IT MAGAZINE that maintains you updated about the mexican trance scene and it recommends you good parties. The Condesa colony at Mexico City is a good point to find nice places for eating and drinking; in addition, there you can find the best fashion boutiques that promote trance lifestyle, such as GRYPHO & KULTE. There are some shops where you can buy pipes, furniture and retro style stuff, even there are some sex shops. Also there is the well known trance music shop: MAIA, where in addition with the selling of clothes, you can find the newest albums of your favorite artist. In this part of the city, the people is kind of freaky but most of them are cool and they like to have fun. In a certain way, it‚s a community that goes at the vanguard in all senses.

Talking about parties, Mexico has a lot. There are options for all tastes because there are events from the finest minimal to the most powered full on. Commonly line ups are very good and always there is excellent music. Perhaps, one must know which party to go, because there are producers that don‚t fulfill what they promise. Some of the best producers are MAIA, DELIRIA and PSYCLON. So, if you find a party organized by these names, don‚t doubt in goin‚ for it, surely you will spend a good and long time dancing in some special place surrounded by a great nature view. Most of the parties are promoted by designers and music producers but mainly the musicians are the ones that create the gigs in Mexico.

The mexican trance has evolved a lot in the last years and the national projects have began to visit foreign countries to play. The quality in their music is already recognized by the labels of many places of the world. Some of the most important projects of trance are: D-TEK (MAIA), SHARIGRAMA (PSYCLON), ECLIPTIC (PSYCLON), AMADETZANÁ (SICK), etc. The most recognized djs are VAZIK & SHOVE (@SOUNDS OF EARTH), and ARTURO & MESSIE (@MAIA), but there are some others like NINO & QUECHU (@COM.PACT), REIKI & MUKTI (@TRANCE IT), DENDE & PANDA (@PSYCLON) and many others in the whole country that are gaining place. Some of those artists have been able to travel to Japan, Brazil and other places of Europe and some others are the local dj represent from international labesl!

About labels in Mexico, we have two really well established:

MAIA RECORDS is the one who has more experience in this area. Already has many exclusive compilations with tracks of international artists, also it has one of most important lives and djs of Mexico: D-TEK and ARTURO, respectively. It supports djs of all the sorts, from full on and morning to minimal and chill out. It published the D-TEK debut album too and is the most important trance music distributor in the country.

PSYCLON RECORDS, truely consolidated as a label in Mexico. The last year published its first compilation all tracks by mexican projects: EL DESPERTAR DE LAS TRIBUS. This label is the mainly and official promoter of some national real talents and for that reason has gained the support of all trance followers.

Without doubt, Mexico is a quite pleasant country to visit. And if you really like trance music, you will not suffer here to find a good party. Each week there is 5-6 at least!. Otherwise, there are beautiful places to visit like the Mexican Caribbean (Cancún) with beautiful beaches and tempered forests. Also you will be able to enjoy beautiful landscapes like deserts and extensive plains in San Luis Potosí. You don‚t forget to visit the archeological areas, like Teotihuacan (Mexico), Palenque (Chiapas), Tulum (Yucatán), sign of our culture and history. There will be so many places to visit that you‚ll not have enough time and you‚ll want to return more and more.
What it comes now talking about trance, the mexicans must create the true alternative that we're living for: „fun and coexistence in harmony satisfying our thirst of freedom and expression‰. Let us spread what this musical sort really represents... a new alternative way to see & live the life!

Date: Nov 18, 2004
Text: Dev
Translation: Alejandro Palancares
Photos: TranceIT
Taken from: The Trancers Guide to the Galaxy 2004


Doc Sonic informs

In Mexico drug abuse is criminal. The period of demand can easily last a whole year. Police and military have several checkpoints spread throughout the whole country. It’s better not to pick up hikers in Mexico. If they have drugs, police is allowed to confiscate the car.





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