V. A. "High Paradise"

(Solar Flares) CD

Author: left hands
Date: Dec 18, 2002
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High Paradise is the first worldwide release by Solar Flares, a Brasilian psytrance label.

The compilation is based on TRANCENDENCE, one of the largest trance festivals in Latin America, which takes place during July in Alto Paraiso, Brasil. The festival is famous for its canyons, waterfalls, crystals and, of course, its amazing alternative structures....

All the tracks are by artists that played at TRANCENDENCE, with a variety of styles, but mostly full on psychedelic trance. High Paradise begins with a new project by Celli, Nick Doof and Xavi, called Vatos Locos. The compilation then builds up with tracks by Orion and Earthling, followed by the full on tracks by GMS, Bamboo Forest, Absolum and Shanti vs Bushman. The journey starts to calm down with a groovy Bamboo Forest and finishes with Mukunga Umbura, a Brasilian project by Gil Mahadeva.


1. Vatos Locos - Tripmonks

2. Orion - Si State

3. Earthling - Goa Constrictor

4. GMS - Rescuers

5. Bamboo Forest - Baratruc

6. Absolum - Stupid Humans

7. Shanti vs Bushman - The Swarm

8. Bamboo Forest - FM

9. Mukumba Umbura - Black Hole

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