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Rocking Denmark #4

Author: flower
Date: Nov 19, 2002
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Friday the 8 of November 2002 was going to be a great party, Interzone records where throwing a label party at Bastionen in Copenhagen. I went there to have a party and talk with paste about there new album.

This night both Genetic Spin and Paste was on the menu, with supporting spins on the decks by NiS and DJ Creator.

The floor was rocking, but because a new club was opening in Copenhagen this day there wasnít as many people as suspected, but never the less the floor was rocking as always.

NiS is a upfront local Copenhagen DJ with lots of experience, started out DJíing when it all started with happy hardcore at a time when cavemen and woman was still jumping around. And you never go wrong with him. This night he played nice progressive sounds and warmed up for Genetic Spin in a really great way.

Genetic Spin, who are from Copenhagen them self are beginning to get a real good feel for live acting, they deliver a powerful progressive trance set, that keeps you going till you can no more. An more exclusive Genetic Spin article will arrive when there album hits the floor next year, its going to be release on Creamcrop Rec.

After Creator did his job at outstanding grade, the time was 5 oíclock and Paste was if not fresh, then as ready as they could be.

They played a lot of stuff from the new album, and I can just say. Go get this stuff!! It rocks. The played little over an hour, and at this time there was plenty of people, so the crowd and vibes was great. After the party I got to speak with Stefan and Patrick about the new album.

To see some more pictures from this event pleace go to

ya on the dance floor (properly in the chillout) - Flower

Paste Interview:

Who are you?
Stefan Keller (24) and Patrick Sonderegger (28), PA-STE is formed/derived from our first names..

How did your music carriere start?
I started to go to techno parties in the end of 1994. My first outdoor party was with Sven VÇth in the swiss mountains in 1995. After that I liked to go to outdoor events and then got closer to the trance scene. A year after I began to buy records. And could play my first sets for Patrick's "Oxud" parties in 1995.
After 4 years playing around in Switzerland I have bought my first equipment to produce some tunes.
This was an Akai Sampler and a Novation Synthesizer. In January 2000 Patrick and I putted our stuff together and started doing music in our own studio.

I was a singer of a Death Metal band in the early 90. With this band I had a lot of concerts around Switzerland. In 1993 I started to go to Techno Parties , not a long time after that I bought my first turntables. This was the start of my DJ Carrier. I have organized Trance parties under the Label "Oxud" from 1994 - 1998. Most of the time Stefan (DJ Steve Active) was playing at this Parties. And that was where we have meet each other the first time. In 1998 I bought a virus and a Technics WSA Synthesizer to start doing music.In the beginning of 2000, exactly on the 6th January we have rented in Zurich a space to build up our own Studio. This was the born of PASTE. Since that we continually extended our Studio. Since 2 years now we live together in a flat, in
which we have also our Studio. For our Studio equipment please check on our Homepage.

What is your musical background?
Actually we both don't have any background. No schools or stuff like that.

Where do you get your inspiration?
We get inspiration from all parts of Life. Different styles of music, movies, moments, travelling, friends and so many other things.
A good inspiration is, to see how peoples life and do parties in different places around the world.
Then when you come back you are in the mood to do a new track.
In the Psy scene we like the sound from the north of Europe. From the labels like
Iboga and Digital structures for example. Artists like Bitmonx , Buzz, Phony Orphants, Tegma and Haldolium, XV Kilist is what we like to play. But there are coming more an more really young guys doing great stuff, like Genetic Spin, Tone Factory, Liquid Soul (Interzone*s new promising act!!)

At present we get influenced from UK Trance and Progressive stuff a lot, like Marc o*tool , Chab/Nukem, Oliver Klein, Peter Bailey, Timo Maas ....Other Bands that we really like to listen are for example Deepfunk, Massive Attack, Morcheeba, Propellerheads, Underworld , or a lot of Big Beats, Dub , Downtempo,....

What should we expect from your new album?

On the Album you can expect a very variedly style of the different tracks.
We open the album with the track úCode Bedî which is a deep pumping progressive Track. Track nr.3 is an offbeat stomper called "The Flathead".
Then it's going to more psy influenced Tracks like Neurotrop, Minimeise and finally we end with a
Minimal House track. (for prelisting the Track visit our homepage: )
With our Album we try to respond not only the Psy Trance scene. We think that some tracks fits into the Club Scene.
The album will be released on the 24. Nov: more info on

What are your plans for the future?
We going to present our album as a live set all around the world.
In the Studio we're doing some remix work for different artists like Antix, Psyless Groove,etc.
Also we planned a side Project to produce some more Progressive House Music.

Where do you see yourself in 20 years?
We will see where the Music brings us. But it is also important for us to have a occupation formation. Because when we once maybe stop doing music, then it's easier to find a job.

What's your best and worst experience with "paste"?
One of the best gigs is still a beach party out of Lisbon in Costa Caparica. It was a small party, but full with energy. Everybody was rocking!! And in our country, Switzerland, we have also really nice parties
With amazing views from the mountains. Clean nature!
The worst, hmmmmmm......actually there was not one!

My best experience was to play a morning set for Rif Production in the nature of Australia.
It was not a big party but the right crowd and really good feelings. And of course nice sunny weather in the morning.
The worst experience was when we had to play in Hamburg at the thsitraka OA.
And ten minutes before we had to do the live act , our Zip Drive for the sampler burned.
Of course there was no change to organize another one at the venue. So I had to take a car from a
friend and I droved together with Stefan to Sascha's (Bitmonx) studio in Hamburg. This was 3 hours
driving. But then at 7 in the morning we were back and it was nice to do the live act then.

How was your night in Denmark? (at the Interzone label party)
Well, I arrived already a bit tired to Bastionen. I hadn't really slept for days!
So I was a bit lazy and hanging around most of the time. I met some really friendly boys and girls
There and it was a pleasantly evening for sure. Some more peoples was missing to heat the party on.
At 5 o'clock I had to move my ass and recognise that the party was starting without me. It was a bit hard to get into now. But soon we had to play and then its easy to get in the mood.
We plaid for an hour and a bit more. The crowd gave us a good feedback for it. It seems like the peoples digged it. After that I was spinning as a dj to close the party.

After a good dinner we arrived to Bastionen to set up the Live Act. We had some problems with the guy from the sound system. He didn*t let us to install the live act how we wanted to.
But we found a way. The party I really enjoyed , it was nice to meet all this Danish peoples and also with our Swiss friends we had a good time. At 5 we started to play , and the crowd really liked it. Danish people know how to do parties. After the Live act a good a badly headache, and I couldn't support Stefan with djing. I had to rest a little.

Paste NEW album

1. Code Bed
2. Speedseed
3. The Flathead
4. Minimeise
5. Neurotrop
6. Hihatic BMX
7. Underdogs
8. Dozer

Stuff from Paste:

Release List:
Digital Psionics CD - Krank 05.2000
Shpastic Elastic 12" - Illusion / Radar 08.2000
Traktor Schalllabor 12" - Karg / Reflected 08.2000
Shpastic Elastic 12" - Raspel / Microwave 09.2000
ZMA CD - Flancedoor 11.2000
Interzone CD - Baseliner 11.2000
Boshke Beats 12" - Progress 02.2001
Boshke Beats 12" - Noerg 02.2001
Flow Records CD - Sterilizer 03.2001
Plastik Park 12" - Play Off / Hihatic 05.2001
Plastik Park CD - Play Off 05.2001
ZMA CD - Replicator 05.2001
Neurobiotics 12" - Progo / Pesto Pasta 08.2001
Interzone 12" - Tolle / District 9 10.2001
Park Avenue CD - Flauschrausch 05.2001
Starsound CD - Troll 07.2001
Flow Records 12 " - Wischer / Dropzone 08.2001
Starsound CD - Pastard 10.2001
Traktor Schallabor 12" - Windhose / Sinnflut 02.2002
Cream Crop 12" - Marmohr / Pastete 03.2002
Plastik Park CD - Supabock 04.2002
Flow CD - Flutgut (La Baaz) / Bostic 09.2002
Domo rec CD - Fever 09.2002
Traktor Schalllabor 12" - Fuhrwerk Rmx 09.2002
Element records CD - Macke 11.2002

Upcoming Releases:
Interzone CD - Rough Random (Nasal Noiz) 11.2002
Traktor Schalllabor CD - Corrosive (La Baaz) 12.2002
Element records CD - Macke 11.2002
Manta CD - Slub 11.2002
Electric rec - Placebo

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