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Author: Outback Eclipse crew & Sonic
Date: Nov 7, 2002
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Total Solar Eclipse in Australia - win one of ten tickets !!

Nov. 07. 2002- Text: Outback Eclipse crew & Sonic - Photos: Outback Eclipse Crew

Hi Party people all over the world
We want to introduce a really special event to you. More than 100 artists and performers will make this years Total Eclipse in Australia to an unforgettable and magic event. You should not miss, wherever you are and whatever you want
Are you tired of the same old flashing lights and repetitive beats ?
Are you ready for a new landscape?
This décor has taken about 500 million years to prepare for your enjoyment.
Start packing your bags, roll up your tents and sleeping bags, and point your cars towards Lyndhurst. Don’t be disappointed and don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to witness one of the most amazing natural phenomena; the full solar eclipse that will be taking place.

This year on Wednesday 4 December at 6:43:14pm Australian Central Summer Time, all eyes will look to the sky as the mortals gathered at the Outback Eclipse Festival, Lyndhurst, Australia await first contact – the beginning of a solar eclipse.
The first event of its kind, the Outback Eclipse Festival 2002 brings together some of the world’s most innovative and talented electronic artists, the spectacular landscape of the Flinders Ranges in South Australia and the once-in-a-lifetime experience of a total solar eclipse.
Local Aboriginal tribes have passed on their dreamtime stories in this area for
40.000 years.
Now, a new tribe has been welcomed. They bring with them gifts of projection, installation art, unique shade structures, the best in outdoor party facilities and, of course, unforgettable music to accompany the celestial event.


Reflecting thetruly global nature of the event, the Outback Eclipse Festival has selected top musical acts from the UK, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, the US, Japan and New Zealand, not to mention a swag of well-known Australian names.The music, though, is just the beginning. Eye-opening performance and wild VJ sets will enhance the already stunning landscape.

Live acts of daring from El Circo (USA’s Burning Man Festival) a 15 piece circus using music, acrobatics and fire. An open invitation stands for all to enter the realm of the Invisible Circus on a unique Outback Quest. Hidden within and throughout the whole 4-Day festival will be a quirky world of mysterious misfits making every attempt possible to tickle, taint, tamper with, and tantalize your realities. To play or not to play? This is the only question. From France Zoings World Of Trance Exhibition will present a photo display from the last five years of international parties. The setting for these escapades will be enhanced with lighting and projections from Squiffy Vision and installations from Metaform, Mutoid Waste and Jesster. As though this was not enough, it all climaxes with the magical light-show of the solar eclipse.
And yes, your mum was right, looking directly at the sun during the eclipse can cause serious permanent damage to your eyes. But Festival organisers are just as curious as we are to see the wonders of the eclipse, so they’ll have special safe viewing glasses available and we won’t miss a thing.
The Festival site itself is essentially a wilderness, remote, largely untouched and peaceful. So common sense and a healthy respect for nature are used when visiting the area.

area of wilpena


french island dome
The eclipse will be at the beginning of the southern hemisphere summer, with daytime temperatures of up to 40

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