San Francisco, USA

Author: liese & left hands
Date: Jan 1, 2002
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1. Name of company / motherlabel:
Eyephunk label group

2. Location (whereƌre you located?):
San Francisco, USA

3. Labelconcept and -philosophy:
We are a distribution company and family of labels dedicated to pushing music foward.

4. Number of releases up to now:
We distribute over 100 new releases a week covering a wide spectrum of electronic music, our specialty includes psytrance and breakbeat/electro as well as progressive music like Bedrock, Hooj Choons and moreĆ·

5. Copies per release (Vinyl / CD):
Varies wildy depending on the #exclusivity of a release 50 - 5000+

6. Milestones:
- best selling release:

One of our labels in our label group Organized Nature recently got licsensed to Pet Tongs Twisted Beats compilation as well as Lost language, and the artist Josh Gabriel is now remixing Nu Order, Way Out West DJ Tiesto. This is still selling.
- releases you consider to be milestones in the labelhistory:
Kopfuss Resonator - Oink - 99 - This crossed over in a big way reaching people into trance and into house. 2002 promises to be the year for Eyephunk and have many releases planned covering a wide spectrum of music.

Adam Ohana

7. Artist pool:
Josh gabriel, Waterjuice, GMS, antennae, Anon, Twerk, single Cell Orchestra, Bufo, girlie8

8. Contact:
Phone: 01-415-703-0447

9. Organisation:

- Name of sublabel / founding date:
Eyephunk, Spun, Vaporvent, Novelty / 1998

- Style:
All styles including psychedelic trance

- A&Rs: (name, age)
A. Ohana, 32 (Breaks/all styles),
Anon, 27 (IDM/all styles),
KJ, 32 (pss trance),
Dov, 31 (all styles)

copyright: &
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