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Date: Oct 24, 2002
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p r o f i l e



Roy Mäkikara (a.k.a. NBR, Latukone, Meduusa & Fabrik) has been making
electronic dance/listening music since 1990, he got interested in DJ'ing
in 1996 when he participated in a DJ course held by the grandfather
finnish techno dj Jokke and has been a bedroom dj since, he has been
regularly performeing since 2000 in various electronic, techno and
psytrance parties - indoors and in the forest - across Finland (Helsinki,
Espoo, Turku and Jyväskylä). Organizers abroad have noticed this talent
and liked his imaginative use of tracks accompanied with sharp aggressive
mixing to get the partyfloor rocking non-stop.

His playingstyle differs from event to event but is mostly a mixture of
weird, groovy fat beatz with wicked basslines from minimal & progressive
to madly variating psychedelia. Likes to play in the darktime of the night
to maximally squeeze the juices of the dancefloor.

Email: nbr@shpongle.com
web: http://meltdown.bombsquad.org/


Author: merikukka / Date: 17.10.2008 23:51:21

Du Ƥr alltid i mina tankar.

Author: morakaj / Date: 14.10.2008 00:17:36

I love you nbr.

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