Interviewed by Shove

Author: Shove
Date: Oct 11, 2002
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Interview with Astrix
by Shove

A short introduction.

Actually Avi Shmailov better known as Astrix, is one of the most popular dj´s around the world, with only 21 years old has already played and performed live in Japan, UK, Switzerland, Greece, Portugal, Bulgaria, Germany, Brasil, India, USA, Canada and of course Mexico.
He started making trance with the Barkan brothers; but he was newly discovered when he released a few track with Alien project on his debut album Midnight sun.
After this he becames to produce some tracks with atomic pulse, safi connection, domestic and xerox; alsotook part in the private taste project with Lior Miller, Ido Ofir (domestic) & Kobi Avraham.Their track -First- was released in many compilations like Israliens 3, Yahel-mixing in action, Paul Van Dyk- Politics of dancing and other clubby compilations.
He is now a hit! He makes all the dancefloors explote, he is Astrix!

-When are you going to release your new album?

I think it will be in october, the label is hommega and the name of this album is eye to eye.

-Can you talk us something about eye to eye?

Eye yo eye it´s a killer album with five new tracks that are not in other compilations, it´s very powerfull and danceable, i hope that people like it!

-You have problems with this places in the internet where you can shared music, like napster or audiogalaxy?

Yes, i got a lot of problems with that, i¥m not agree because all the magic of music is stollen also the labels have serious problems.
Many people want to get unreleased tracks with care of nothing, also i have bad experiences with that.......i really don´t like this sites, please don´t do that people!

-What do you think about Mexico?

I like Mexico, it´s a big city with an extraordinary culture, the people is very warm over here........i think its an important place for any artist to play here, i like it!

-Did you like parties here?

First i thought that my better party was in japan but know i think that my better party is here in mexico!

-Do you have future plans or projects?

I¥m working 100 % in the promotion of eye to eye cd, and i´m working in some tracks with atomic pulse, alien project and things like that.

-Do you think that Mexico has a good trance scene for international artist?

Trance in mexico it´s very nice, is a good place to show the people my music...... of course is a good place for any international artist to come here, beacuse the parties are good.
But i think that you need to push your artist because i don¥t know any mexican artist .......
So show your artist, show your music...

-So, thanx for the little chat and i hope you´re back soon here!


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