Discover rocking psytrance culture in HUNGARY

The complete story about Trance in Hungary!

Author: Martin
Date: May 12, 2005
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Discover rocking psytrance culture in HUNGARY

As you dance across Europe and meet the psytrance culture of a few country, please take a stop at Hungary! Here you can find the fastest growing trance scene in the Middle-East Europe. You can find parties 4 days a week; open-air parties and festivals in the summer with a range of 100-2000 people. Indoors in wintertime with 200-1400 people.

The early beginning was around 96’ with just a few people who wanted to celebrate that new experience called Goa.The top of all events was the SOLIPSE festival at Ozora in 99’ with 15 000 happy trancers…

In the last two years trance music infected a lot of people here, that’s why there are even more djs and organisers, making a large number of parties for a relative small (but growing) scene. In 2003 many great artists played at hungarian parties, like Astrix, Atmos, Atomic Pulse, Dimitri, Dynamic, Earthling, Edoardo, Eskimo, Gabriel le Mar, Goa Gil, Infected Mushroom, Logic Bomb, Neuromotor, Parasense, Shiva Candra, Sienis, Silicon Sound, Son Kite, Tsuyosi, Vibrasphere, Xenomorph, Yahel, and more. Most of the parties are located in the capital Budapest and in the suburbs, but there’s also some psytrance activity in other bigger cities like Györ, Pécs, Szeged, Szolnok.

You can find here the new-born and only psytrance label; Procyon records, a unique psytrance recordstore, some radio shows, online psychedelic library, partywear designerclothes, and also the national goa/psy servers with the latest parties and news countrywide.

Hungary has anextraordinary broad spectrum of show-places and music events:

Psytrance events are arranged regularly at weekends but in underground clubs in some weekdays as well.

A short Hungarian week-end allows time to visit Budapest and places within a 80 kilometers (appr. 50 miles) circle around it.

In Budapest you should visit the Castle Hill with its monuments, hotels, exhibitions and shows, then it is time to sit down in a good restaurant in the neighbourhood. For relaxation and balneotherapy there are ten bigger thermal baths, mainly at the Danube.

On the north your destination should be the Danube Bend, your route hits the picturesque townlet of Szentendre, with its musical and theatrical events, folklore fairs and riding school. From spring to autumn – you can admire the canyon of Danube while sitting in a hillside basin of the thermal spring of Lepence-fürdö.

On the north-east you can visit the wineyard of Eger, and in the Valley of Fair Ladies you should taste the famous red wine Bulls Blood. Turning to the south you can relax in the spa of Egreszalók. Not far from here you can visit the speedway Hungaroring, where you can prove how far you have mastered driving.

On the south-west there are beautiful lakes for lovers of sailing and swimming, lake Velencei (the smaller and nearer one) and the lake Balaton (the biggest in Middle-Europe). The season starts in May and ends in October, you can charter yachts, you can try windsurfing, you can try boat-trip or simply be on the beach.

More continental people can enjoy riding, cycling, the tastes of Hungarian cuisine and week-end folklore fairs or even ballooning.

The prices are relative cheap for a western traveller, so it worths to spend more time than a weekend in Hungary. Stay tuned for the events of the Year, especially the Summer open-airs and festivals!


Doc Sonic informs

An important part of the hungarian nightlife is that drug usage is taken as drug abuse - wich deserves years in prison. Despite that, most of young hungarians tried at least once in their life some kind of narcotic. In the underground partyculture psychoactive drugs are playing a quite big role. There are differences in the drugusing habits of the people; it depends on, what kind of electric music they’re on about. Speaking generally, psytrance and goa music, with a BPM around 120-150, has it’s stuff; all kind of hallucinogens and amphetamines are prefered by the partygoers. Lot of people would like to leave these “conventions” and would like to have people understand that even this kind of music and parties could have been enjoyable only for the music and it’s spirit itself without taking any kind of drugs…







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Date: May 12, 2005
Text: Martin
Photos: Daze Prod., Mäc
Taken from: The Trancers Guide to the Galaxy 2004


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