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Author: Shove
Date: Nov 10, 2005
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-Dj sHovE-
(Sounds of Earth / Alchemy Recs., Mexico)

Rene Sanchez, a.k.a Dj sHovE, is currently one of the most important djs in the Mexican trance scene. He is part of the English label ALCHEMY Records and contributes to the well known trance site He started to work with Sounds of Earth (SOE) in 2001 with excellent Mexican artists, such as: Dj vAzik, BaRak, XiBaLbA and sMuhG.

At age 12 he started his musical career as a drummer and later became a vocalist in a metal band, then in 1999 he had his first psychedelic experience, which made him fall in love with psychedelic trance. Later he entered the trance scene producing parties with the best djs and live acts, and starting his career as a Dj. Since then Shove has made a name for himself thanks to his dynamic and powerful mixes that make any dance floor explode!

Dj sHovE has taken part in prestigious festivals like Universo Paralello(Brasil), Tierra Magica, Son Pax, Earthdance, Green Dreams, Caracol and Goa Sounds Festival. He has also played alongside a long list of international djs including: Hallucinogen, 1200 mics, Eskimo, CPU, Astrix, Gms, Dark Soho, Cosma, Psysex, Fatali, Shane Gobi, Sub 6, Sesto sento, Dynamic, Juvenile, Wrecked Machines, Rinkadink, Protoculture, Beat Hackers, Atomic Pulse, Pixel, Domestic, Haldolium, Bitmonx, Raja Ram, Cyrus the Virus, Melicia, Celli, and with everyone in the Mexican scene. Viva Mexico!!!!!! He has appeared at parties all over the Mexican territory and has become very popular. Over the last two years he has played outdoor parties and club events in Japan, Brasil and all over Canada (Calgary/Vancouver/Toronto) . Besides participating in radio programs such as PSYCHOTHERAPY (96.9 FM) and e-lastik radio, Shove spends a great deal of his time producing his own music. He started out with a project called TEMIKTLY along with Dj M.U.N., which was featured for the first time around the world with their track “Vibra densa”, produced by the Mexican record label Zila Records, then he met Ernesto Renero (Hiubi) and created BRAIN CHAMP-Ú. He is now part of a new Project with a well known Mexican live act: “Barak”; they created the Super Marihuano Bross killer track and started to work harder and harder in the studio on their live act, TEEN SLUTS. Some of their tracks will be released on various national and international compilations.

\"shove is essential for any party, his years of experience have created his unique style that never fails to keep people dancing\"


Temiklty – Vibra densa (zila records) 2001
Shove vs Barak – Super marihuano bross (“The peyote trail” comp. /ap records) 2004
Shove vs Barak – Super marihuano bross (teen sluts rmx) (“psycomex ep”/ap records) 2004
Teen Sluts – Foust on doust (“psycomex ep”/ap records) 2004
Brain Champ-ú – psy essence (« the peyote trail comp »/ap records) 2004
Shove vs Barak – Super marihuano bross (teen sluts rmx) (Goa vol.9 comp/yellow sunshine explosion)2004
Teen Sluts – Age after Age (wasted comp./soe 2005)
Teen sluts - broasting tike (sounds of sanity comp /2005 unr)

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