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Kostas Alekoglou shares his thoughts

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Date: Oct 1, 2002
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September 29, 2002 - Text: Sequential-X

Kostas Alekoglou is a name that may not ring any bells for many but I am sure that the name Magus does. Alongside Chris Tatzikidis, Kostas has been involved into the production frenzy from 1996 back in England when the two formed Magus. Magus are certainly a well-known psychedelic group with a strive of releases on well respected labels but what about the future. Well Kostas intents to develop his solo projects further and he shares his thoughts with us in this and other matters. Enjoy...


1. Please introduce yourself to our readers.

My name is Kostas Alekoglu.


2. Kostas, what is your musical history ?

My involvement with music started by playing the guitar in a few indie rock bands in Greece. By the mid nineties I got into psychedelic trance and after moving to London in 1996, I formed "Magus" with Chris Tatzikidis. Thereafter I have been involved in various collaborations, recently focusing on my two personal projects, "Phacelift" and "Muthafunkster".


3. Favourite equipment. Digital or analogue ?

My favourite piece of gear is my Macintosh G4 450 DP. I appreciate analogue equipment as the best source of sound, but I believe that the future of music lies with computers.


4. Describe the ideal party for you. How will it be ?

The ideal party for me would be totally music focused. Venues, decoration and organisational structure play a vital part, but the music flow and a good soundsystem are the most important elements. The vibe follows.


5. How do you see the psychedelic movement continuing ?

Music-wise there is still a great amount of innovation and transformation. In terms of quantity it seems that the psy-trance scene is growing and there are more festivals and happenings every year. Age-wise I believe that the audience is getting younger. In general there are more expectations setting higher standards in most areas.


6. Are we (Greeks) finally not only consumers but a productive part of the
worldwide psychedelic community ?

Greeks have been producing psy-trance for a number of years. More recently though bands like Magus, Wizzy Noise, Igneous Sauria, Aztec and Opsis aka P.Pateronis have been establishing themselves on an international level. Also the two Greek labels, Candyflip rec. from Thessaloniki and Loopsnoo from Athens are doing a great job outputting some of the older bands along with new talent.


7. What is the thing that pisses you off in the scene, music-wise, party-wise or else-wise ?

It has to be what I call the "rock approach". The nostalgia people have for a certain type of older music and party formats. When I got into the scene it was all about keeping an open-mind and music evolving every three months. Psychedelic is for me anything that twists your mind, it cannot be categorised or formulated. Any such an attempt is a step back and the future is all about steps forward.


8. What is your favourite band of all times ?

Too many to mention. When it comes to rock music it has to be Pink Floyd in their early days, The Doors and The Cure. In electronica, Kraftwerk, Aphex Twin and Peace Division to name just a few.


9. What is your favourite record label and why ?

I really like what Ninja Tunes are doing with their totally funky crazy sound and the Global Underground stuff is top quality. Many psy-trance sub-labels, like Automatic, Baluns and Surround Sound rec, have been also releasing some of the best music around at the moment.


10. Skizofrenic Society is definitely a strange name, is there any under meaning or it just sounds cool ?

The society we live in is full of contradictions. The concepts of logic and reality seem very fragile to me. This name is expressing the antithesis of what is happening around us and is the platform for me to experiment and have fun.


11. Open air sweetness or club moodiness ?

I have witnessed open-air moodiness and club sweetness so for me it's not about open places or indoor clubs, more about good music and nice vibes. With the right elements any place can be transformed into the ideal party ground.


12. What are you working on at the moment and what are your future plans ?

I am currently working on my first "Phacelift" album coming out soon on Candyflip records and taking part on the Outback Eclipse Festival in Australia 3-6 December. In the future I plan more releases under both of my project names and putting together a compilation.


13. Close this interview with a statement, wish or anything that crosses your mind.

Open your mind and the soul will follow.

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