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Date: Jul 18, 2002
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p r o f i l e



Real Name: Frank Frehse
Age: 34
Location: Hamburg

I found my way to electronic dance music nine years ago, but at that time I have only been on houseparties. After a few moments I was addicted to the Party Szene but I realised, that it was a little bit boring for me to be on Parties only as a guest so I decided to start organising small parties. I met the people from the Orleander DJ Team and we did some very good house Parties in the Ruhrgebiet, so that I had the idea to make a big technofestival with Steve Mason, Andy Tex Jones, aso. but it was a 100% flop but we had a lot of fun, really!
Just at this time I met the people of „Mental Blow“, a couple of freaks who were doing small Goaparties once a month and they were playing the sound where I have allways been looking for and I realised that I would`nt have a chance to life like before...

organising house Parties with Orleander
organising the Rave Shuttle Festival
becoming a member of Eve & Rave NRW
co founder of the Sonics Cybertribe Network
organising the Sonics Cybertribe Fetival together with Sonics Network
creating a multimedea space at the Solypse Festival in Hungary with Pyromania Arts Foundation
Audio-De-Lux multimediashow with Mondfish
playing a live sound track for the Video Kooyanisquatsi with Audio-De-Lux & Mahabaschi
organising some psytrance parties with Wachtraum
starting to work with Nada-Brahma
organising a ot of Parties and Festivals with Nada-Brahma
connecting with the Playground kollektive
co organising the „Holidays in Kosov@“ Playground tours and festivals
organising some parties in the Rhein Main area
co founding of the Psylofant Label of Stefan Ludley
founding of the Psylofant Music & Art Departement
giving up my civil, middle class boundarys and starting to work with Chaishop

some bigger events:
Voov tent 1999 because one of the regular DJ´s was too drunk
Sonics Cybertribe festival 1999
Apocalypse 2000 / Frankfurt Michael BarraX
4 times at Cybertron Foundation Moers
Pelidelic Festival in Macedonia
in Winter 2000/2001 I played as a resident DJ of Nada Brahma / Signalwerk Mainz
Freundeskreis Festival / Erkelenz
Crossing Bridges festival in Kosov@ 2000 & 2001
Klangwelten festival 2000 & 2001
Nada Brahma Solipartie
Chillout DJ set at Fusion festival 2000 & 2001 as Frank Frehse
starting with the „Psychedelic Injection“ Partieserial
resident at Oracol & Magma Records Labeltour

upcoming events:
playing at some parties of the Chaihop Anniversary Tour 2002
Fusion Festival together with Kikil as „FLP“
XPO 2002 Festival in Bulgaria, 24h chillout set with the Chaishop crew
Voama Festival in Greece
Crossing Bridges Festival 2002 Kosov@

My style is something like pumping sunnymorning beats switching into not too fast Technotrance. What I like very much is all kinds of voicesamples connecting to the music.
My first gig was a chilloutset at Mental Blow - my chillstyle is something between triphop, house, elektro, d&b and some rare ambient tracks - I call it Eurochill
mobile +49 / (0)175 / 250 56 89


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