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Trance community - a mosaic of many faces

Author: Jiga + Jinno
Date: Jun 6, 2002
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Trance community isnt a melting point. it's a mosaic of many faces. that's what keeps it alive
and innovative. our last tour in Canada sure tells this story...

shortly after our show in Belgium we headed To Canada from Germany.
pictures from all our live shows in this tour:

Party; Toronto. one of the biggest psy Trance organizations in Toronto (Resistor) tries to convert cheesy house fans into the depth of psy. they book a big house club, and advertise in a mainstream magazine. On the same night, in another club, a cigarettes company throws a commercial Ibiza party. the cheese fans decide to go there and only 400 people show up to our party. the dj before us plays a Kylie song. we dont panic. we start with a 136 bpm dark track and it goes down well. before heading to Buffalo NY we hang around Toronto on Queen street.
StarBucks Coffee - we dont have that in Germany.

in Buffalo we enter a Tiny club. Doorman looks like a Harley-Davidson fan. 200 people stand staring at us. They think it's a rock concert, we realize. they think we are Metallica !!
we start minimalistic, very Psy. slowly building to a rhythmic melodic trance. one guy dancing. hurray ! that's a start. i take my magic bass, slapping some funky lines. Finally, in the last 2 trax we get them moving. that was fun. we feel like the pioneers of Psy Trance in Buffalo.
a day later in the Buffalo forum online they talk about my boobs. oh well, whatever it takes...

last show, Quebec City.
first thing we noticed about Quebec is that it looks like Europe, everybody speak french and the food is damn good. Psy trance is young in Quebec, and getting stronger we're told.
sound check goes smoothly, main room is breathtaking, there's a huge Inca statue on the wall and lots of fluffy toys in the chillout room. (later to be known as the make-out room).
5 minutes before we start, a girl on high sticks with glittery wings walks on stage, she lights a Fireworks sparkler . The audience light The sparklers they got at the door. magical. 700 ppl together as one. Fairy-girl bangs a giant gong and we go up. enthusiasm and warmth come from these people in mega quantities. we are in love. we want to hug each and one of them.
we're dripping sweat, getting wild & hot. in the end of our show they come to thank us. actually we're the ones who should thank. artists are the audience's servants.

3 shows with different flavors & crowds. all dancing, catharsising, getting rid of negative emotions, projecting vibes of life. these are moral values.
one day governments will learn to do this too.

our next live shows; June 8 OA near Lisbon Portugal, June 29 Essen Germany
AND ... July 17 in a Mega-Rave Love Parade After in Berlin "Love Airport" woohoo!

Jiga + Jinno

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