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Interview with Psava Faam Crew

Author: Sequential-X
Date: Jun 1, 2002
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June 01, 2002 - Text: Sequential-X

Photos: Psava Crew

1. Please introduce yourself to our readers. What is your main position in the Psava Faam organization team ?

My name is Panayiotis a.k.a. Dj Yiotis e. Along with my partner Nikos and some other good friends we run the Psava Faam crew.

2. Share with us your motivation for taking the decision to organize the Psava Faam festival ?

Actually there are some years now that we had the idea of making an open air festival somewhere near to Drama's unique nature. Drama is well known for her successfully "open air party" past. Some of the first "real" open air parties in Hellas had been taking place there! We thought that it would be a good idea to introduce to the party people from all over the world, some of the astonishing hidden beauties of the Hellenic nature!


3. What is the main vision behind such a decision. In other words what are you trying to achieve with the Psava Faam festival ?

Our motivation, as well as our vision, is a strong open air gathering of people, inside a beautiful scenery (of course) with the suitable music. A three day union of nature, peace, dance, love, sharing, spirit, music, arts and culture. A musical and spiritual illumination for every human's heart and mind.


4. The scenery (where the festival will take place) is astonishing and I believe people will highly appreciate this. Was it hard to find and secure such a place ?

The location is unbelievable!! It is the ideal place that everybody would like to have a chance to dance. It is 100% inside nature (you have to walk a bit to reach the main floor) but very easy accessible. We are sure that people will gonna love it! And yes, it was a little difficult to find, organize and secure such a place for a festival like this... but we think that it is worth any try.


5. How hard is it to organize such a festival ?

The organizing of a movement like this, is a really hard, difficult and very serious situation. You have to face, solve and minimize any problem or difficulty, in order to have the result you work and wish for. You have to present and promote to the people your main aim (musical and spiritual) as better as it gets. Of course one of the secret's of success, is the appropriate, friendly and really tight crew.

6. Music wise what is the direction of Psava Faam ?

Our aim is to offer the opportunity to the people to live, listen and experience something new and different. Something strong and illuminated for everyone. The sound of the future! You can find Ozric Tentacles along with Antaro and James Monro, 2 By Bukowski along with 3 Point Turn and Wizzy Noise. A surreal mixture between all kinds of electronica. Danceable, minimalistik, hard, multisynthetic, melodic but above all Music! A powerful alternative experimentalism! Of course don't forget X-Dream Vs Midimiliz World's 1st exclusive LIVE appearance !!!

7. The "alternative / experimental" stage is a new addition to the festivals. Many festivals have the main stage (for dancing) and the chill stage (for relaxing). Do you see your "alternative / experimental" stage to become a place where future sounds will be played and the vibe will be more open minded ?

For sure. We aim to present the alternative / experimental floor as an innovation to this kind of festivals. The music direction would be much more experimental and alternative but at the same time well open-minded (as you said). The sound would be something among chill, dub, break, freestyle, space jazz, instrumental, ambient, 100% groovy and of course with the appropriate amount of electronica. And why not being the place where future sounds will be played, danced and experienced...

8. What are your favorite Djs and live acts ?

My personal music taste comes from Headroom, Andreas Kremer, AB18, Simon Digby, Kay D Smith, 3 Point Turn / Authentik, Adam Beyer, The Delta, Midimiliz, Umek, X - Dream, Samuel l Session, Oliver Lieb, Sven Vath, Ozric Tentacles, Kopfuss Resonator, Slobodan, Avaton...

9. Please comment on the facilities that you are offering in the Psava Faam festival ?

I think that the most important and seductive attraction would be the exact location of the main floor. The dancefloor area is surrounded by astonishing green mountains and crossed by Nestos river. The sunset and the sunrise would be a dream!!! In addition there would be full medical and first aid support for any emergency situation as well as full shower and toilet facilities. Traditional food and drinks will be served along with a smart bar, fruits and some chaishop / tea tents. Special juggling shows, body painting and all kind of entertainers from around the globe. Hope we didn't missed anything...

10. Will there be any surprises and special happenings apart from the ones announced ?

Of course... !!! But it wont be a surprise if I spoke this out... ! (he,he)

11. If this festival turns out to be a real storm (we all hope so) with people being really happy for attending and participating. How do you see yourself ? Will you think that your expectations came out true ?

Certainly. We all think and hope to have an excellent and really special and unique party for everyone. I'm sure that with good cooperation, positive energy and God's help everything is possible.


12. Finally, is there going to be a Psava Faam 2003 ?

If everything goes the way we hope and expect... Absolutely YES!


Finally I would like to say that we'll try to do our best in order to accomplish our final target, make our dreams come true and of course have a mega-revolution, 100% pure energetic party blast !!! Be there. Express and Experience Revolution !




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