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Date: May 29, 2002
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b i o g r a p h y



Alpha... a half hungarian and a half german, living since ´98 in hamburg.

With 9 years he started an education as a piano-player at the konservatorium in bremen (germany).

After a lot of years with concerts for classical music he learned e-bass (16) and tried first a lot of rockbands, later again as a keyboarder in a lot of early electronic projects (70´s). In ´76/77 he got his „second spring“ through the punk-movement. At the same time he found his love to jamaican and british dub-reggae. Since that time he is djing dub untill today.

At the end of the 70´s into the 80´s he played in different punk- and underground-bands like „the 1980´s“, „ego/n“, „the pachinko fake“, „“ (punkjazz, some concerts together with john zorn), „less funny beduins“ and so on.

A lot of times being in london and budapest he developed relationchips to underground musicians and filmmakers like gábor bódy. In ´84 he left -after 4 years- berlin and went to london. There he worked over one year in different projects and as a guest of „the stranglers“. There he played and programmed keyboards & synths for some productions.

In ´86 he formed the free-style-electronic-experimental band „the dry halleys“ (tdh), dedicated to the comet halley, expected at the tschernobyl-day. So it happened. Tdh developed to a real band , a mixture of electronic music with early techno-grooves and -later- with hard and noisy guitars. The thd-project also worked from the beginning with experimental videos, films, animations on there concerts. They also cooperated with dancers and authors like felix esterhazy. Tours through germany, poland, hungary, austria, england gave them a second name: the very secret tip. 5 longplayer, 5 x 12´´, 3 commercial videos and 8 video-proctuions with german underground filmmakers gave them the image of an underground art-electronic-hc-band. The last album, recorded in san francisco, was engineered by jonathan burnside (melvins, dead kennedys, gary floyd band...) And was too good to leave the secrecy of the studio....

In ´87 -still djing dub-reggae- he explored to ebm-music as a dj. Later on early techno and acid house became to his interests. The second voov-experience and the second love parade in berlin led him to the psychedelic
Way of techno. Since ´93, but really in ´94, he regularly became a (psy-)trance and ambient-dj as well.

1992 alpha founded the „interzone pa“ (i.p.a.), an artists agency. I.p.a started as a collective of the big circle of artists around the band the dry halleys. The styles and the work grew: hiphop-dub-drum´n´bass-trance-ambient and metal-art-exhibitions and videoproductions and underground literature.

In the meantime he found new musical beauties: jungle/drum´n´bass and hardcore/gabba.

Since 1995 alpha played more and more as a (psy)trance-dj around germany, travelled to the secret places of inspiration around the globe. At the same time he became a co-worker of „free form“ (label, organizer / hamburg) and played a lot of festivals like „lovefield“, „two moons“ as other festivals like solipse, boom, voov experience etc.
Alpha also established two party-events in these days: in the springtime „amazone“, first pure female event ever, and in late autumn „euphoria“, also the first event playing 50:50 dj´s and live-acts, at a time , where everybody is asking: what is a live-act...?

´96 alpha began to work for the „mushroom magazine“. First representing the psychedelic trance style totally, he developed to an ambient-dj as well, wellknown for xxl-sets like 7 or 8 hours. Later on with live-played keyboards.

´98 alpha and the „mushroom magazine“ moved to hamburg. He became the main guy for reports, reviews and special things. He also organized all the live-activities like „mushroom tour 1999“ and „mushroom chaishop tour 2000“ and the first „mushroom open air“ at the 5th of august 2000. Parallel to that he reanimated the formerly very famous hamburg trance-club-scene. At the „atisha“ and the „savoy“ he led two times a week this special clubs with a long line-up of old school, minimal, technoid, experimental kinds of trance.

On the boom-festival 2000 in portugal he played as a keyboarder an 11(!) Hours concert with the „star sounds orchestra“ (spirit zone). Untill the concert in morocco at new years eve 2001 he was a member (keyboards) of the band.

After the „mushroom open air“ he split from the magazine and changed to the „“, the world´s biggest trance server. Now he is responsible for adrverts, booking and concepts. At the same time he reorganized „interzone pa“, having a new office in his location at the red light district of hamburg...

Alpha is playing since all these years in the most clubs and outdoors in germany, austria, netherlands, switzerland, yugoslavia, hungary, uk, macedonia, goa/india, mexico, portugal, thailand, bulgaria, brazil any many more.

In summer 2001 alpha was preparing trax with different friends, musicians and dj´s for an album-compilation „alpha & friends=alienbabies“ , which was released at 31st of may 2002 (insolation). Some trax were doing a special development: together with dj sangeet he founded „t.a.s.c.“ (the alpha sangeet connection), their debut-12“ was released in october 2001. And together with the guies of „volldampf“ he released the project „e-chip (alpha vs. Volldampf)“, in november 2001.

The work for the „alpha & friends=alienbabies“ developed finally very intensive and became a real collaboration through a big part of the german trance-scene: sangeet, volldampf, element, mc coy (of s.u.n. project), a million lights, triggerfish, acan (austria) and even a still unreleased track of the formerly „the dry halleys“, recorded in san francisco.

The second half of 2002 alpha were massivly travelling and playing around the globe, started at the voov experience (incl. Stagemaster-job), boom-festival 2002 (incl. Stagemaster / portugal) and his first visit in brazil for a month.
Brazil is a new codeword and a new love of alpha. In february 03 he played in 5 weeks 11 gigs and got more and more in the spirit if the massivly exploding trance-scene overthere. In september 2003 maybe the next visit together with „e-chip (alpha vs. Volldampf)“, now also existing as a real live-act featuring „johann bley“ (juno reactor) on the drums.

In this moment (may 2003) the main project is indeed „e-chip (alpha vs. Volldampf)“. Thorsten mesrine left to thailand, but andreas roll and alpha continued work. After a very busy time they are releasing now (may 2002) the next 12“ ep „stargazer“ on jum jam records. In the beginning of june 2003 the album „stargazer“ is coming out.
And since march the project mutated even to a socalled „real live act“. That means, they are playing real instruments like keyboards and bass, but are also using the necessary modern hightech-stuff. Their intention is to be different to other techno- and trance-acts, which are too much posing behind instruments without using them, just playing their normal cd´s...not fair enough.
To proove the „handmade“-idea they just started to play with a very cool and wellknown drummer: johann bley 0f juno reactor.
The first bookings are already confirmed for this summer 2003, not only trance-festivals, even band-events.

So, a lot of things can be expected by the guys and nobody knows, what else will happen. But one thing is for sure: it will be loud...

Alpha :-)


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