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Author: Flashback & Golikem
Date: May 23, 2002
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May 08, 2002 - Text & Photos: Flashback & Golikem

Magma Records is a young italian label of trance music, promoting every innovative form of this music style working whith very good artists, both already known and outstanding artists, but in particular whith new talents from Italy. Trance music has known great evolutions and is improving a lot quality of sound. Magma Record's aim is to keep in step whith innovation looking always for new combinations between dance styles (house, progressive ), but always keeping the final product in psicadelia.was only 15 years old when he started mixing techno dance music, working for national radio networks.


Nicholas aka DJ Flashback

At 17 years old he started playing in italian notorious clubs and after hours, also producing house records. In the years 94/95 the first rave movements start their development in Italy, especially in Bologna (Nicholas' city). Nicholas has seen in all this new inspirations and new life ideologies and started playing Psytrance music for various groups that organized parties both in Italy and abroad (most of all Austria, Switzerland).In 1998 he founded his own group and organized the most memorable parties in Italy. Playing Trance music, Nicholas develops his knowledge and starts making and producing music.

So in 2001, after a 6 years of Trance experience, he decides to open a record label called "Magma Records" in order to produce himself and the more and more numerous emerging artists both italian and strangers.
Magma Records for Nicholas is also a way to divulge as more as possible this artistic-musical movement in his Country, at the moment still not very well known.In the last years, especially in 2001/2002, Nicholas plays in different dates in Germany.
In 2002 is going to take part to a tour in order to promote Magma Records in
cooperation with Mushroom-Magazine and Venus Vibes.

Nichola at Magma Party

At the moment Nicholas is devoting himself in making many new tracks for his project (Flashback project) and within the end of the year his first album will be published.



DJ Golikem

started to play the piano in 1981, he had lessons from private classical teachers so he began to go into the world of music. One year later, in 1982, he learned to play the drum and he played for 10 years first with some friends then with famous Italian rock band producing new music in recording studios in Italy. From 1992 to 1994 he started to cooperate as audio engineer in the Italian soft music with Francesco Guccini, Paolo Conte, Vinicio Caposela, Edoardo Bennato, but he was always playing the drum in his spare time.

Golikem Trance history

In 1994 I went to a trance party with some friends of mine and I was totally amazed and I danced for hours and hours and hours. From that party I begin to go into the trance music , and I tried every kind of scenes: deserted factories , secrets forests till 1995 when I was lucky to be in the right place in the right moment !!!!
Happy people productions , Tsuyoshi Suzuki live set . I totally change my
feeling with the TRANCE MUSIC !


Golikem at Magma Party

I left to play the drum and the piano and all what I was working with because I started to play as a DJ trance. I played in many different Italian parties till 1997 then I change again my mind and I began another experience with the drum & bass.
I dedicated the next two years to compose drum & bass , to play the drum, piano and guitar.


Golikem at magma party


From 2000 I started again to play and produce trance music. In 2001 in Italy was born a new trance label "Magma records" ; and the owner is a very big friend of mine with who I started to know and to appreciate trance music a lot of years ago .
So with the first album "Eruption" , presented in Italy in September 2001 , with a nice event where Tegma(Sweden) and Vaishiyas(Germany)were playing live set, I could release a track "Bapu Mantra" which had a lot of success with. So now we have many different projects in Europe , in Japan , in Mexico promoting GOLIKEM , my personal vision of trance that I hope will help Italy to grow.



After this I played in many different parties in Italy and I will play in Germany for the Magma Records tour in cooperation with Mushroom Magazine, Psysam, Venus Vibes. My next step will be this summer for the release of my new cd, with Magma Records and for the presentation of my new live set!
The music that I prefer is:
01 Metapher (Shiva Chanudra)
02 Biotonic (darky breath)
03 Vaishiyas (darky)
04 Golikem (art in gab ett)
05 Golikem (alienpatic trance)
06 Triplex (superpipelined)
07 Flashback (manliness)
08 Pulsar (Where's ?)
09 Biotonic (toxic swing)
10 Cokeroach (running for the cops)


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