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Date: Apr 14, 2002
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Luca Szekely is the name of this young dj and producer from Mexico city , started 6 years ago djing trance music all over Mexico and organizing some of the best and first underground parties in Mexico , after few years he is signed to `Spirit Zone`label in Germany as a label dj , playing at Voov Experience 2001 along dj Vazik in a really special set, and in different festivals and parties around the world : Burning Man ( Nevada U.S ), Union Fest ( Mexico ) , Good Mood at Zambujeira ( Portugal ) , etc.. and in such different countries as Austria, Mexico, Thailand, U.S.A., Germany, Portugal etc. Playing with almost every respected dj and live act in the international trance scene and also with more mainstream electronic music djs and producers. His dj style is very deep , psychedelic epic sound for the night , with great input of energy and perfect mixing , creating beautiful stories with massive grooves. In the other hand he is doing more progressive deep melodic trance dj sets for the morning time , with a great focus on mixing and groove but staying away of the minimal sound , bringing the flavour, surprises ,energy, and emotions to the morning time.

He is behind 2 different music projects , 4 winds circle ( his solo project , check releases on Tatsu, Midijum ), wich is orientated to energetic trance beats for the morning time trying to fill the gap between progressive trance and psychedelic sounds, always groovy and full of deep emotion and melodic soundscapes, it also works great for the club . Second project is Indika along with dj Vazik also from Mexico , is a more full on trance sound that works almost for every hour , several releases in different nice labels around the world are coming in the next 4 months ( compact, usta, spirit zone, ap records).

°dj Geza° - available for 2 - 3 hour dj set..
°4 winds circle ° live act ready for 2005.. ( a lot of new realeses are planned for 2005 )
` Indika` available for live booking..

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