Cyberfunk 04/06/2002

Guests: Mark Allen, Hux Flux

Author: Sequential-X
Date: Apr 8, 2002
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Apr 06, 2002 - Text : Sequential-X

After some considerable time I decided to join a party again. The Cyberfunk team had invited Hux Flux for a live P.A and Mark Allen (long time favorite DJ of mine) so I thought it was a good opportunity to catch up with the club scene again. At about 2:30 I arrived at the venue. Pretty quickly I got in and I found myself dancing to the sounds of a far clearer (than last time) and head buzzing friendly sound system. Probably the DJ at that time was Kostas who played his usually style of psy-trance but with a slightly funkier feel that night. It was good, the crowd was up and dancing and I got a pretty big smile feeling that this night had something from the old dayz For a moment I believed that the magic was back and that the scene is up live as it used to be.

Further more as the we kept talking the things starting to cover more boundaries like what is Mark's favorite soft-synth and recording software. To reveal some of his secrets he uses Logic Audio v4.0 from Emagic and considers ABsynth from Native Instruments to be his synth of choice for the present time. He also uses CDs for mixing as he prefers the cleaner sound and the amount of space shortage compared to vinyl. On the what is psychedelic subject Mark believes that the true psychedelic sound should be a journey with up and downs, twists and turns and not a similar boring sound all night. A trap that many DJs usually fall in. I found myself in total agreement with this as hearing the same sounds for more than 2 hours tends to bother the listener. Concluding this paragraph Mark picked Koxbox as being the MOST and BEST psychedelic band right now.

At 4 am Hux Flux got in charge and started hammering with their blend style of Scandinavian trance and German minimalism. Hit after hit got the crowd excited. Unusually this time the venue was not packed till nobody can dance... It was crowded yes but there was still a place to dance like a normal daddy. At that time I had to leave the live P.A of the Hux Flux clan in order to sneak in for a quick interview with one of the most influential men of the psychedelic scene.

Pic 3. Hux Flux

Mark was in the background drinking his bear and waiting for his turn to play some of his music to the crowd. Firstly we talked about his production plans for the present and future. Mark still records with other legendary man Tim Healey (as Quirk and ‘Allen & Healey’), mostly for UK label Automatic, and also Karmaflage - an offshot label of Dragonfly. Mark is currently working on a solo debut album this year under the name Hopefiend with the German label Plusquam - the more openminded offshot of Spirit Zone Records. This year seems like a very good year for Mark. A solo album and a considerable amount of releases on major labels is no little thing to accomplish... And before I forget it Mark has also planned something for T.I.P's new offshot label with one guy from The Light band (Automatic Records, 21-3 Records etc.)

Feeling a bit proud for mentioning Koxbox as his favorite psychedelic band (I am a very devoted fun of Koxbox back from the times of the amazing Forever After LP on Harthouse). I asked about if he is still connected with the legendary trance night Return To The Source. He told me that stopped doing promotion work for RTTS because it was much of a hassle. "I would like to concentrate more on my DJing and production skills" said the man and he praised Andreas (Cybefunk head promoter) for managing to build this trance night and keeping in of so high quality. Mark also mentioned the ever lasting problem of "politics" regarding club promotion. Ohh... we have something like this in Greece too... Don't we guys ? All this behind the back thingy should stop sometime. It doesn't do any good you know... Trying to gather people by throwing dirt to parties is a bad thing.


Pic 1. Mark Allen

Pic 2. Mark Allen

Overall I had a great night... In fact I had a REALLY GREAT NIGHT. Mark took over the controls at 5 am and he played some really funky music. The kind of club music I like the most. I believe many DJs should follow Mark's example and play more varied sets and keep the funk in high places, it attracts the girlies you know. It was a pity that I had live around 6 am I would like to hear Mark' set in full but the laws of the human body would loved some rest and the took over... Although from the short time I was there Mark rocked the floor. Great inspired music for the people that like their music a bit deeper... For those that like the music to be considered as art.

Finally I would like to mention that it was a looong time since I had such a good time. At this point I would like to thank Andreas for the great hospitality and Mark for being friendly (unlike some other big names with bigger egos) and for playing music styles that come in great shortage here in Greece (sorry but I hate progressive, as people like to call it). That's all till next time. Take care... :)


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