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Date: Apr 6, 2002
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p r o f i l e



Zoran Zlatkovski a.k.a. PSYCHOZ was born in Nurnberg,Germany,and grow up there.
Hid interest in composing music began at age of 13.
Seven years later he started making only electronic music under the name PSYCHOZ.
The PSYCHOZ project orientated him on different electronic styles from psy-trance to afro-tribal beats.
In the period from1996 till now he has been involved in many parties and sound projects as a dj and musican.
In the year of 2000 after collecting his latest material he released his first album "Jupiter" under PMG Recordings.
It was the first Trance album released in Macedonia to date.
2001 he sign an exclusive 10 year contract with Avatar Records,
which was followed by his second release "Psychoz" on Avatar,distributed by NMC Music worldwide.
Psychoz is now working also with his band a side-project called WHITE TEETH and plan to continue composing and playing music with his band and around the globe.

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