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Author: Balasz
Date: Aug 4, 2005
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Over the past few years Hungary has gone through a miraculous development regarding its psy trance scene. In the last year more than 50 foreign live acts and DJ’s have visited this small but spiritually charged country. This tendency seems to be continuing, so watch out for this new psy trance capital of Eastern-Middle Europe.

As with many countries Hungary’s psy trance scene had its humble beginning around 1993 when a couple of guys started throwing illegal bush parties. Playing from their cassette players the first psytrance DJ’s were born. Soon small but regular gatherings developed and in the colder days of winter parties moved indoors. Places like the Labirintus became regular hot spots for a still very selective, enthusiastic crowd.

In 1994 names like Ken Guru and the guys from Halasztelek became the first promoters of goa/psy trance music. Parties organized at Halasztelek, Borzsony became well known in the Hungarian scene and are still being remembered as the parties from the golden days of Hungarian psy trance.

In 1999 one particular party forever changed the scene in Hungary and perhaps the world. The legendary Solipse festival at Ozora finally put Hungary on the map and with that a new chapter opened. The following years saw an ever growing popularity in the scene when more and more artists came to Hungary like Goa Gil. Last year more than 50 foreign live acts and DJ’s have played in this small country.

Hungary produced many quality DJ’s like the names of Oleg, Jirzij, live acts such as Quantum State (Boom Rec.), Para Halu (Parvati Rec.), Turbopauza. The first record label called Procyon records are about to release their third bombshell with InnerAction early 2005.

Fanatics of psy trance can get their daily dose from Psybaba recodstore where most of the hottest albums are available. People are bewitched by string decorations of Trixx, they are experts in making installations and magical blacklight 3d structures.

There is a quite small, but really keen part of the scene preferring the harder and more twisted psychedelic sounds, promoting small/middle parties. Interest seems to grow for this kind of music in our country as well. Organizers of Daze Productions prepare to rock the crowd of full on lovers in 2005 badly, so it looks to be another strong year for psy trance with first time visitors like Tikal (June 18/ or the world famous Martin Freeland aka Man With No Name at Avatar (July 9/ Also, six years after Solipse 99, the holy grounds of Ozora are ready to be bounced with travellers from around the world once more. Ozora Festival looks to be one of the great gatherings in 2005 and has the chance of making history again (August 15-21/



  • Since the Social-Liberal government took office in 2002 drug laws have been lightened, but please be aware: drug possession or use is still illegal.
  • Prices are reasonably cheap especially for western travelers.
  • Hungarian summers are on average quite hot which is perfect for outdoor parties and festivals.
  • Hungarians are generally friendly and love foreigners who know at least a couple of words in Hungarian. This country is also known for the most beautiful women worldwide …
  • Budapest is full of lovely small underground pubs and clubs the trance traveller can visit on weekdays depending on the weather and the season, such as Bonzai (open during summer), Kultiplex (during fall and winter), Suss Fel Nap (Sundays during fall and winter).


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Date: Aug 4, 2005
Text: Balasz, Martin
Photos: Martin
Taken from: The Trancers Guide to the Galaxy 2005




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